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Looking for IUI support

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Maryrose85 Wed 01-Jul-15 18:54:50

Hello ladies, I'm new here. About to have first IUI treatment the day after tomorrow. Anyone else in the same situation. This is our first go at IUI after trying on and off for about 7years. Was on chlomid for 9 months last year with no luck. So now trying IUI. Excited and scared at the same time!!

Vap0 Wed 01-Jul-15 19:39:29

maryrose just want to drop in to say good luck! I hope all goes well for you! I dont have any experience of this I'm afraid but wish you well.

Can I ask if there is any stage between clomid and iui? I just posted asking what may be next for me after a long time trying. Do you know if they would put you on clomid if you already appear to be ovulating and appear to have no reason to not be conceiving?

Maryrose85 Wed 01-Jul-15 20:17:28

Hey Vap0
they put me on chlomid even though it wasn't exactly clear what the problem was with us. I think I ovulate sometimes but not always. not sure if there is a step between chlomid and IUI. we went straight to IUI. thank you for your message of support.

bessie84 Fri 03-Jul-15 08:09:16

just wanted to send you good luck wishes maryrose

i have also done 9 clomid and also did 3 iui (with gonal f)

unfortunately, none of it worked for us, so we're starting ivf in a few weeks (all private)

any questions, just ask. good luck.

ps: there is an iui thread somewhere on here with many ladies going through iui, i'll try find the link x

Maryrose85 Fri 03-Jul-15 08:59:20

thank you Bessie. appointment this morning. eeek! I'm sorry nothing has worked for you yet. wishing you luck with ivf. x

bessie84 Fri 03-Jul-15 18:06:49

how did your appt go maryrose ? x

Maryrose85 Fri 03-Jul-15 23:28:22

appointment went well 😊 just the dreaded waiting now!!!

victoria401 Sat 04-Jul-15 07:27:10

Good luck Mary!

I started a iui thread many months back but it fizzled out not long after you left it Bessie Good luck with your ivf journey!

HonniBee Sun 05-Jul-15 08:20:10

Hi Maryrose. I'm just starting my first cycle of IUI this month too! Would love an IUI buddy for the whole process.

cd6 at the moment, so last day of Clomid for me. Scans start this week and I think probably IUI next Monday.

Hope your wait goes quickly, good luck!

SuperMoonIsKeepingMeUpToo Sun 05-Jul-15 16:03:47

I did my first IUI almost exactly 14 years ago. My 13 year old twins are the delightful result! Unexplained infertility too. Good luck, you guys!

Mamama31 Sun 05-Jul-15 19:14:26

Hi ladies.

I am currently on the waiting list for iui- I have been told I should be starting treatment end Aug/beg September. So I am keen to see your progress and experience with it all. Success rates seem to vary from what I have read and seem much lower than ivf but we have been offered 4 rounds of iui and 1 round of ivf if that doesn't work so I'd prefer to exhaust all avenues and do all that is offered.

I am 33, no fertility issues and have a ds (teenager) from a previous relationship. DH is 35 with mild male factor. We have been ttc 2 years however we did conceive a few months ago but sadly ended in mc at 8 and a half weeks- was devastating, still is.

Good luck ladies who have just started iui, I will be watching out for your progress. Can I ask how many rounds of iui you have been offered? Is this NHS or private?

Maryrose85 Sun 05-Jul-15 20:00:53

Hello honnibee, yay let's do this together!! so you're taking chlomid, not injecting? I was on bucerelin and gonal f injections twice a day for a week.
thank you for the success story supermoon, always good to hear!!
mamama I have also been offered four rounds of IUI and one ivf. we thought hubby's sperm count was fine as had been at all tests. however it was really low at IUI appointment. 47% motility, but then after the 'cleaning' and whatever else they do to it! it was 97% which they said was fantastic! Sorry to hear about mc. good luck with starting IUI. x

Mamama31 Sun 05-Jul-15 21:22:33

Thank you Maryrose. What was his sperm count after wash if you don't mind me asking? SA seems to vary so much. My DH had 28million count and 7% morphology on first SA but the last one only showed 10million count and almost 3% morphology. I'm really hoping it's much better for our iui.

Best of luck to you, this journey is so tough it's great to chat to others in a similar situation x

HonniBee Sun 05-Jul-15 22:04:50

Yes, Maryrose. it's Clomid tablets for this cycle (all done now thank god- they are not exactly a barrel of laughs are they?!) This is my first ever cycle with any intervention of any kind, so it's a bit overwhelming at the moment!

The injections sound pretty bad too! Do you struggle to do them yourself?

97%, on the other hand sounds excellent! That's a huge improvement. I guess that's one of the ways IUI will help give us all the best chance possible.

Mamama, I've been offered 6 IUI and I think 3 IVF if they're unsuccessful on the nhs. From the sounds of things out council is very generous. It's through a clinic really close to my house as well, which is handy!

Mamama31 Sun 05-Jul-15 22:14:40

Honnibee that's great! Wow! You did get lucky in the postcode lottery! We also get a frozen cycle if we have any embryo's left over to freeze after our ivf cycle. But I was keen to try 4 iui's prior to ivf, just feels like more chances I suppose. I'm half dreading it and half excited to get started. I think I will hibernate while doing them, my hormones will probably be off the scale with injectables as I'm pretty hormonal anyway so I'd expect to be quite psychotic! Oh the joys!!! Just hoping DH will have patience with me, I know it's hard for them too but frustrating at times that they don't understand the physical/hormonal impact of ttc.

Mamama31 Sun 05-Jul-15 22:16:02

My hormones have not fully settled from the mc so hopefully by the time I start iui they will have!

Maryrose85 Mon 06-Jul-15 19:31:10

sperm count was 50 million after wash.
Honnibee, the injections were no where near as bad as I thought they'd be!! I have a phobia of needles and nearly passed out at the injection training! but it was actually ok when it came to it. not exactly enjoyable, but bearable!! they made me very hormonal too, was very teary all week!
wow definitely a postcode lottery! 6 IUI and 3 ivf is great!! x

Mamama31 Tue 07-Jul-15 08:44:30

Maryrose that's a great count post wash, from what I've read the most successful results with iui are with a count above 20 million so that's perfect. Do you know what the morphology was?
How are you feeling? And when will you test? Best of luck!

Maryrose85 Tue 07-Jul-15 09:55:50

Can't remember what the morphology was. I'm feeling good. trying to keep busy to distract from the waiting!! I'm taking two cyclogest pessaries a day and so far have had no nasty side effects other than sore boobs!! earliest I can test is Sunday 19th but I'm going to try and wait until the Monday as I work Sunday mornings and not sure how I'll cope if it's negative at that point!!

Mamama31 Tue 07-Jul-15 18:15:46

Maryrose that sounds like a good plan if you can wait. Glad to hear your side effects have been minimal as well. And did the injections give you any side effects? I'm dreading those!

I will be checking in hoping to see your good news! Will send a wee prayer your way too.

Maryrose85 Tue 07-Jul-15 19:05:46

apart from making me hormonal I didn't really get any side effects from the injections which is good. I normally react quite badly to injections. but apart from a tiny bit of swelling after the first one it was fine. such a relief as I was so worried!!!

Mamama31 Tue 07-Jul-15 19:22:23

That is a relief MR, I suppose pre af I'm hormonal anyway so should just add to the crazy! Lol all worth it if that's what we gotta do! I hope your wait goes in quickly and you can find some things to distract you during the wait.

HonniBee Tue 07-Jul-15 20:51:59

Wow, it's like a whole new language to learn! Morphology and post-wash count and all sorts! I have a lot to learn about.
Hope the waiting isn't too awful, maryrose. I think distraction is a good idea. Will DH be around when you test?

Mamama, I hope your waiting list doesn't take too long!

So it's my first scan tomorrow, on cycle day 9. I know I'm looking for healthy follicles, but is there anything else I need to be asking?

Maryrose85 Wed 08-Jul-15 15:53:20

honnibee, how did the scan go? yes DH will be around for testing smile (by the way, what does DH stand for?! lol!)

Mamama31 Wed 08-Jul-15 16:59:09

Honnibee I hope your scan went well today.

MR DH stands for "darling husband" or "dear husband" quite soppy really, but is a mumsnet term for husband. Or if you prefer OH is other half. It's all very complicated isn't it lol!

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