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Sperm mobility question

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maskingtherealme Sun 28-Jun-15 12:51:53

Friends of ours are wanting to start a family but after many years of no success, they went to get themselves checked out.
My friend said her tests have come back fine (has to have a test on progesterone levels I think next) but her husband sperm only has 30% mobility.
How likely is it that they can conceive with 30% sperm mobility? Is there anything that can be done to improve this?
Male friend does live, in our view, a very unhealthy lifestyle. He smokes and drinks a lot of alcohol and will 'survive' on one meal a day!

princessvikki Mon 29-Jun-15 09:01:14

I keep saying the same thing on these type of posts, people will get sick of reading it, but I swear by Brazil nuts. My husband had lots of problems come up on his test and we were told out chances were a million to 1. After a bit of googling I found out selenium can help and Brazil nuts are full of it. My hubby had about a handful a day and we ended up with a beautiful dd and I'm 33weks with number 2. We did both make some diet changes along the lines of the fertility diet, but I'm convinced the nuts did it. He only ate them for about a month and I was pregnant . Tell you friend not to give up , doctors are not always right and it is possible no matter how unlikely it sounds. Also it could just be a dodgy result retesting might be a Good idea

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