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Please help me interpret my blood test results

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MyBlackCat Fri 26-Jun-15 17:42:37

Background: ttc since dec13 with a mc at 10 wks 12 months ago. No luck since. Just had blood tests over last few weeks and these are my results.

Day 2-4 (taken on day 4)

LH: 3.3

Day 21

Progesterone: 47

Pelvic scan: Normal

Been dealing with doctor over the phone and they just say all is ok. From googling it looks ok but have read that fsh should be 3-11 and FSH/LH ratio should be 1:1. Anyone have any advice?

DH has to do a sperm analysis but proving a bit difficult logistically to get this done just now. May have to wait a few weeks until we are back from holiday.

lucieloos Sun 28-Jun-15 15:45:58

Have you had an amh blood test done to measure ovarian reserve? Do you have pcos? I ask because an LH higher than fsh is normally an indicator of it.

MyBlackCat Sun 28-Jun-15 16:26:36

Thanks lucieloos for the reply.

No I've not had ahm blood test, nor do I have pcos. I have always had regular cycles even after mc, although they did take some time to settle. Doctors just say everything is ok, waiting for DH sa then hopefully will get referred where I assume more testing and perhaps amh blood test will be done?

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