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Infertility, low amh, surprise sperm issue, advice needed!

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ZippyBopit Thu 25-Jun-15 20:23:16

I really need some people to weigh in with their opinions and advice please! I'm really struggling with next steps in my ttc nightmare..

I've been dealing with infertility for over 8 years since a miscarriage (although 2 of those years weren't trying). After lots and lots of 'this could be the month' we eventually went to the doctor and were referred and have had probably all the tests going (sperm, hsg, lap) and everything looked good so 'unexplained'. Although my amh then turned out to be very low and have not responded very well to IVF at all so premature ovarian decline had then been touted as the reason.

Now we have had further sperm tests through a research clinic (offered after zero fertilisation in 2 low response ivf cycles) and despite my dh's sperm looking a'ok in the nhs tests it turns out his sperm is lacking in a protein necessary for fertilisation. It would need ICSI and artificial activation to achieve this.

My question - would you try again with your own eggs if you were only likely to get 2 or 3 from a cycle, but given that the infertility could have been due to male factor?

I'm 40...

Persipan Thu 25-Jun-15 21:34:44

How would you guys feel about double donor?

I mean, obviously that's a huge question; but it's probably the question I'd be asking myself in your circumstances. Is it something you've considered?

ZippyBopit Thu 25-Jun-15 22:00:56

Hi Persipan,
That was an option in our list of 'your 3 options are..' but it was the last option. ICSI together with the AOA means we could still achieve fertilisation, the national average for this is a little less than regular IVF or ICSI at 40-50% (rather than 75%) but our particular clinic says their average in our circumstances are 64% so that's not too bad. Just when you have only 2 eggs, that's turning into an expensive experiment!

How are you doing? I know I've seen you around the boards but I don't remember your exact story. (I think I do but don't want to get you confused with someone else!)

Persipan Thu 25-Jun-15 22:22:20

I'm just single! And old-ish (38). Gearing up for IVF #2, due to kick off next week - round 1 was unsuccessful earlier this year.

ZippyBopit Fri 26-Jun-15 18:12:04

Hi Persipan, so sorry to hear about your failed cycle, that's tough I know. Wishing you lots of luck for next week, I hope things go well for you x

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