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Low amh but still b feeding- when to try again?

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Chattycat78 Sun 21-Jun-15 13:20:45

Hi guys

I'm in a real dilemma and not sure what to do. I m 36 and I have a 5 month old ds after my first round of ivf which we were told we needed as I have low amh(2.8) when last measured so dread to think what it is now.
I realise we were really lucky for the first round of ivf to work, however ideally I really would like another child but I'm still breastfeeding and periods have not yet returned etc. Clearly I don't have very much time left (if any) to conceive if I don't have many eggs left.... So im trying tivdecude what to do. Do I give up b feeding and hope for my periods to come back to ttc as soon as possible? Saying that, if I never manage to get pregnant again I might regret giving up Breast feeding for a theoretical child who never comes along.....

I should also mention that we have managed to conceive without ivf in the past but unfortunately it was a mmc, so there is also part of me that wonders if we could do it again and how muchfaith I should be putting in these amh tests (plus the fact that ivf also worked, but I suppse that could just have been blind luck).

Any thoughts or advice from anyone?

Danaust Sun 21-Jun-15 22:57:10

Wow-this was me 2 years ago, I also had my dc at 36. Slightly different diagnosis( mine is endo with blocked tubes) but like you I also got pregnant first time with ivf and breastfed my dc. I was also in the position to choose what to do concerning trying a second time knowing that it wouldn't be possible without eventually stopping breastfeeding.

In my case I chose to continue breastfeeding rather than rush into another cycle of ivf-when my dc was down to 1 feed a day at 12 months my period returned. My clinic wanted 3 cycles of regular periods before trying another Ivf. Eventually my dc weaned from bf at 14 months and due to travel, other commitments I did my next Ivf cycle when dc was 16 months. Once again I was lucky to become pregnant; but unfortunately miscarried at 9 weeks.

Due to moving country just after the miscarriage I am now only looking at my next cycle of ivf this coming summer. I just turned 39 so it's not ideal. But in retrospect I don't think I would have done anything differently.

In regards to amh-I recently had these tests done again; my first one came back at 2 and my second( about a month later) resulted in 3.8...I would assume that your clinic would most probably retest your Amh and also combine it with an Antral follicle count to get a better idea of your current fertility.

Whatever you decide I wish you the best of luck in getting pg again smile

Hedgehog1977 Mon 22-Jun-15 09:28:27

Hi Chatty Cat,

I'm in a similar position, although our son is 9 months and he was conceived with Clomid (I'm 38). It's so hard to decide what to do for the best. One thing I'd say is to wait - he'll be on solids soon and hopefully cutting down on feeds. My little boy only feeds twice in the day now and I suspect AF is on its way back. I'd ideally like to think about another around his 1st birthday, but I'm going to give it until the end of the year before doing anything about giving up bf entirely. I feel the same though and my choice would be to bf until he chose to give up

Chattycat78 Mon 22-Jun-15 09:56:54

Thanks guys- it's hard isn't it to know what to do? Danaust- very sorry to hear about your mc - I really hope it works out for you soon. Is ttc naturally also an option for you?

Hedgehog- what about you? Will u look at clomid again or can u also ttc naturally? What was the reason for using clomid if u don't mind my asking?
Some of our friends are onto their second now- one gave birth only yesterday and I'm really please for them but I feel gutted by the idea that it might never be us�� if I don't get my skates on now.

Danaust Mon 22-Jun-15 15:01:34

Thank you-I'm also so sorry for your miscarriage hmm

In my case because my infertility is due to a structural issue-ie egg and sperm can't fertilise in the Fallopian tubes due to both being almost entirely blocked it's extremely unlikely I could ever have a spontaneous pregnancy...

My doctor at the ivf clinic said my chances would be extremely low, though not impossible. So yes we try but in saying that I've never had a spontaneous pregnancy so I'm not pinning my hopes on it...

Hedgehog1977 Wed 24-Jun-15 11:24:45

I thought I'd replied to this!

We didn't really have a diagnosis - the cycle they tested me on I didn't ovulate but I've always had signs I do so I wasn't really convinced.

I think we've decided to give it to the end of the year to see if AF returns. We will try naturally for a short while but seek help quickly. I'm apprehensive about using Clomid again as our son has mild hypospadias, which I think could have been caused by it, but we will speak to the consultants and give it a go.

Good luck. X

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