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Low motility - what next? Is it worth paying privately?

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lugo40 Fri 12-Jun-15 18:46:20

Hi all

We had the second semen analysis results today to confirm that low motility is a concern. My husband has been referred to a fertility specialist. I would have thought we both would be apparently just him although husband may have misunderstood. I am expecting it to be a long wait to be seen. We could pay privately but is it worth it given if we need Ivf in need to lose more weight ? Are there other options or just Ivf?
Feel so sad tonight. Please can anyone say what we should expect to happen now?

JoJoC1974 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:19:18

My husband phase extremely low mobility - we found out at an appointment we were at together so then the consultant talked to us about ICSI being our only option (it's so low that nothing such as diet will help improve it).

We didn't have to wait very long but I know it depends where you are. If I were you I would go to the appointment with him, at the end of the day you're in it together aren't you so nothing to lose by going with him.

Good luck x

lugo40 Sun 14-Jun-15 08:09:20

Thanks for replying jojo. How far into the process are you now? I think my husbands might be extremely low too. He didn't ask the gp for specific but the gp said "the
Results are the same as before (low motility). They are extremely unusual results which dramatically reduce your chance of getting pregnant". I know gps aren't fertility specialists but my guess is it's very low not borderline.

How's your husband taken the news? Ours is very recent but he's very low. All through this process he's been positive and pragmatic but this has really hit him. I've never seen him like this. We're going on holiday today which I think is good but he said he would rather be working so he's not thinking about it all the time :-(

maskingtherealme Sun 28-Jun-15 16:30:46

Thread jumping here. But what exactly happens if a man's sperm motility is 30% and the woman's tests have come back as normal?

Does diet and lifestyle affect results or wil drugs and fertility treatment be the only step?

Sorry for stepping in on someone's thread. But friends are desperate. Late 30s and no success after five years. Friend left it late for help because she is scared of 'being poked and prodded'.

lugo40 Mon 29-Jun-15 06:50:44

Hi, I think the "normal" is considered 40% so 30 is low but not too low. There are vitamins that can be taken - preseed is one and there's a few others similar. Cutting out alcohol and caffine can help and getting weight normal, not smoking, reducing stress, no hot baths and healthy eating.

However I believe most drs will say icsi is the only way to proceed. Good luck

Heels99 Mon 29-Jun-15 13:04:54

Depends on reason. E.g surgery as a child for i descended testicle can cause male factor infertility and no amount of vitamins or Brazil nuts will help with that.

lildottie Fri 03-Jul-15 08:04:29

1000mg vit c a day sent my dhs motility from 45% to 79% between diagnosis and our first ivf. also improved his morphology from 4% to 12% so we went from expecting icsi to being able to choose. be interesting to see what it's like a few more months on when we do round 2. good luck.

Leolion99 Wed 04-Nov-15 19:13:23

Sorry to resurrect an old post, but if it's of any interest.......

Man here...I had rubbish swimmers (in 2011, total count 14m, Motility 45%, normal forms 1%). I had an undescended testicle which was only rectified at 21. I am now 40.

Cut a long story short, the pressures of 'trying' led to divorce later in 2011 but now with new partner and she's currently 13 weeks pregnant after 3 months of trying. So it's probably a miracle child! Bottom line....Don't give up, it can happen.

By the way, I'm not super fit (but do exercise), I don't smoke but I binge drink at weekends. I eat quite healthy and travel taken various supplements for years.

Leolion99 Thu 05-Nov-15 09:22:11

Oh and it's worth adding.....I accept that it can be frustrating when things don't happen (I tried for 18 months with ex) but don't put pressure on your man!

This will lead to stress which will affect his libido, performance, sperm quality, attitude, health etc. Which is the last thing you need.

Stace2015 Fri 06-Nov-15 20:36:48

This is a very helpful thread ladies! My DH also has a low sperm count. The results paper show motility 40% but doc jus said his results were 'lower than I'd like..'. On the bottom of the paper it says Eligible for ICSI only, so we are being referred to a fertility clinic.

I have now asked for him to change his diet (proving difficult), changed his 'pants' to looser fitting boxers and he is also taking Wellman Conceive vits! Hoping we re able to conceive with a few more months doing this rather than having to go through ICSI. Fingers crossed and good luck to you all! smile

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