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ICSI #1 .... Injections start tomorrow - new to all of this! �� HELP!

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JoJoC1974 Tue 09-Jun-15 20:20:17

This is all very new to me - just joined Mumsnet, reading lots of posts from amazing people but to be honest I'm trying to work through the jargon.

Thought I would share our story and see what help and advice you might have for us. No children and no pregnancies.

Saw fertility specialists at Countess of Chester back in July 2014, after some initial tests found that the issues weren't as expect with me (age 40) but with my husband (extremely low count with slow mobility). Only option was ICSI.
AMH = 3.14
Oct 2014 - Started on DHEA (3x25mg a day)
Jan 2015 - got agreement for one funded ICSI treatment
24th May - Norethisterone 5mgs x 3 a day
8th June - first scan and scratch ��

10th June - ⭐️Tomorrow⭐️ Start me menopur injections (5 pots across 2 injections)
14th June - Sunday - add Cetrotide injection to the menopur and DHEA
15th June - Monday - 2nd scan planned
18th June - Thursday - 3rd scan planned
24th June - egg collection planned

To support all of this I've been having acupuncture and my husband had one reflexology session ..... Anything to help!!

It's fair to say that I'm hormonal, nervous and scared but equally trying to think positively and be excited about what the future holds.

For now I'm focused on the injections tomorrow morning, mixing them looks easy.... Injecting myself ��!!!!

Any help advice or guidance appreciated x

Persipan Tue 09-Jun-15 21:21:29

Don't panic about injecting yourself! You'll manage just fine. The first few might seem like a big thing but you'll get used to it very quickly (I used to nip into the bathroom and do mine in the space of an advert break!) and they'll soon stop being so intimidating. Good luck!

aussie82 Tue 09-Jun-15 21:55:26

in the past ive got my partner to do the injections for me whilst i close my eyes and look the opposite way! so not brave!

drink loads of water and try not to stress (i know easy said than done). good luck and hope you get BFP (big fat positive) xxx

thejoysofboys Tue 09-Jun-15 22:04:31

The first injection is the worst but you do get used to it - by day 3 you'll be injecting like a pro!!! My DH is terrified of needles so I had to do all my own shots. I wasn't that bad in the end.

If it helps, I had ICSI at the age of 31 for the same reasons as you - DH low count, poor morphology and actually 0% mobility. We were lucky first time and DS1 arrived after our first cycle.

Like aussie said, say positive and drink water. Stimms are sooo much nicer than down regging and you feel much less hormonal.

JoJoC1974 Tue 09-Jun-15 22:35:03

Thank you everyone.

Thejoys - what's down regging? I've read that on other threads and I'm confused!

GrinAndTonic Tue 09-Jun-15 23:48:23

Having a bikini wax is more painful then the injections smile
Yes to lots of water.
I've had two ICSI rounds and am off to do the third soon.
The main thing to remember that the first IVF cycle is usually an experimental one. It doesn't always work. They needs to see how you react to the drugs etc

JoJoC1974 Wed 10-Jun-15 07:04:43

We did it!!! Injections done - biggest challenge was getting the bubbles and and not so politely asking my husband to not pull a face when I was injecting (slight fear of needles!!)
Thank you!

thejoysofboys Thu 11-Jun-15 15:53:58

Yey you! The first one is the hardest. You should be proud of yourself smile

P.S. "down-regging" is when you take the first lot of drugs which stop your natural cycle and make you sort of menopausal. The stimms (which you're on now) are what stimulate a new cycle and provide additional hormones to produce more eggs.

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