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Fibroids Ivf aboard 38yrs

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Njoy38 Tue 09-Jun-15 19:30:53

Hi ladies I'm very new to net mums. We've been trying for nearly 2 yrs after I miscarried at 3 months .. No luck had lots of tests and seems I have blocked tubes have a 6 cm fibroid and they recommend ivf. Which is 5000£ ouch . Every period I lose loads of blood and have to take tranexamic acid tablets which slow my bleeding down . I'm after a few answers has anyone had fibroids and conceived through Ivf and looking into ivf I'm thinking of going aboard as a lot cheaper and the success rates are much higher. Any recommendations of clinics thank you x

Woobeedoo Fri 12-Jun-15 13:06:18

Having had a fibroid and then IVF, here's what happened to me:

Before your IVF will start you will have an internal scan. If they find a fibroid, they will not permit IVF to go ahead. They will send a letter to your GP and then it's a case of waiting for surgery for its removal. I chased the hospital weekly on this but thankfully I only had to wait about 2 months (which seems forever when about to start IVF, you just see a clock ticking away!).

They won't do IVF as sometimes pregnancy can make a fibroid grow large and take up space the baby would. A 6cm fibroid is pretty large and they will insist on its removal.

Once you've had surgery (it's v quick, day admission) you wait for your first bleed. On day 1 you ring your clinic and then they mark you down as good to go. I think all my drugs arrived a week later then it was IVF action stations.

Njoy38 Sat 13-Jun-15 08:52:31

They won't remove my fibroid here in the UK. They said it's fine and small compared to some ladies who go through pregnancy fine . I would love it out as I bled so heavy. So did u have your IVF in the UK ?

Woobeedoo Sun 14-Jun-15 21:07:11

Hi, yes, I had my IVF at Oxford Fertility Unit and all the scans at a private clinic (but they partnered up with the NHS so it was free) in Essex.

My fibroid was the size of a blueberry so not big by any means but they were still adamant that it had to come out. when you say 'they said its fine' do you mean the clinic say that or your doctors? If it's the clinic, I'd go to your doctors and report the fibroid and ask for them to push for removal.

If the clinic is saying IVF can go ahead with a fibroid of that size, I'd be questioning their ethics. Yes IVF could work, but I'd be thinking they are just after your money and don't really care either way.

Njoy38 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:30:13

Umm the doctors said it was fine no act he said I've seen ladies with the size of grapefruits concieve and give birth . I will check with the fertility clinic and see what they think x

Magicalmrmistofeles Sun 14-Jun-15 21:34:27

I have no knowledge of IVF but when I was pregnant the scan showed a 12x12 cm fibroid - it was never an issue. I'm just wondering what the problem would be?

Hopefulmama34 Sun 14-Jun-15 23:00:38

It really depends on where the fibroid is - is it in your actual womb or the walls/outside the womb? If it is actually in the uterine cavity (sub-mucosal fibroid), then at 6cm it should be removed as it is very likely to interfere with implantation. I don't want to scare you but this type of fibroid can also cause issues during pregnancy such as late miscarriage/pre-term labour, so it really is better to have it out before becoming pregnant.

If it is in the walls or outside the womb then it is likely fine - I had three fibroids pre-pregnancy and was told repeatedly by various consultants that they would pose no threat to conception because of their location. Two were in the walls and the largest was outside the womb.

I would really recommend finding out exactly where the fibroid is located before making any decision regarding fertility treatment. Even if you have your treatment abroad it is a lot of money to spend if your chances of the IVF working are reduced by the presence of the fibroid. Ironically sub-mucosal fibroids, whilst the most challenging of all the fibroid types to fertility, are the easiest to remove via laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.

I have no experience of this myself as had IVF treatment in the UK, but I believe some foreign clinics offer a hysteroscopy before commencing IVF treatment, so if the fibroid does prove to be an issue you could always discuss having it removed first and no doubt this would be much cheaper than having it done in the UK (since you say the NHS won't do this).

If it offers you any hope IVF has an excellent chance of working even with multiple fibroids - the largest of my three fibroids was 5 cm before starting IVF and I am now 34 weeks along. I had IVF at the Oxford Fertility Unit (NHS-funded) and luckily our first round worked. Previously we had three years of unexplained infertility with just one very early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy.

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