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Possible pcos - how bad

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soontobemrslizzy Tue 09-Jun-15 09:08:31

Hi guys

I was just at the doctor yesterday who thinks I may have pcos - having the 21 day progesterone test Thursday and getting an ultrasound as soon as they can schedule it. I'm really worried - I'm getting married in two months and really want to have kids. We were going to wait a year but now I don't know. My periods are fairly regular - every 26-32 days, heavy ish but not too bad. I have a bit of acne and a bit of excess hair. I'm currently losing weight, down 11 pounds but about 19 to go, but certainly not obese. I'm so devastated, all over every wanted is to have kids. Does that sound like it would be milder pcos since I'm fairly regular?

DinoSnores Tue 09-Jun-15 12:01:24

Regular periods are the best indicator of regular ovulation, so that sounds good and very encouraging.

PCOS certainly doesn't always cause fertility problems.

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