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feeling really lost!!

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Rainy34 Sun 07-Jun-15 12:21:53

Hi everyone,

I came off the pill over a year and a half and was on it for nine years,we have been trying ttc for just over a year now,I am 35 years of age and had my day 3 and 21 blood tests, everything looks fine , my progesterone was at 27 on day 21 and doctor said she was happy with that but i have read online that result can be a bit low, I spot brown blood seven days before Af is due, my thinking is that my progesterone could be lowering to quickly,

dh went for his SA analysis and phone on friday to be told by the receptionst that Action was needed and would not disclose any figures, he has a telephone consultation with the doctor tomorrow as we are then to be referred for fertility treatment, he feels stressed about the results and wishes i hadn't pushed him into getting the tests and now i feel its my fault,

I am trying to stay hopeful but i can't help feeling that being able to have my own baby is getting further and further out of reach, everyone around is either pregnant or had babies, we are getting invited to christenings and birthday parties and i feel like screaming at the lot of them,

I have cut out alcohol, trying to eat healthy and taking my supplements and exercise and it feels like i am doing all of this and it is all for nothing , dh is trying to take on some exercise and cutting out junk food but keeps forgetting to take his supplements,

not really sure that is his results are bad then what can be done for us,

Mrsbadger77 Sun 07-Jun-15 12:51:11

Please don't be fobbed off about your test results. A progesterone level of 27 is classed as just below normal. How long after ov do you start spotting?
Two years ago I had my bloods done and I suspected I had low progesterone and a short lp. Dr said I had a normal sore of 25. Fast forward two years later a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, three cycles of clomid and I'm only now being taken seriously about my low progesterone. Problem is I've wasted two years.

Rainy34 Sun 07-Jun-15 15:18:16

My luteal phase is roughly 11 days on a good month I spot 4 days before af arrives, and on a bad month it's 7 days before period arrives , I'm hoping the fertility clinic takes this serious last June I was two weeks late and felt like I had all of the pregnancy symptoms such as feeling sick but only went when I ate , lethargic but pregnancy test kept coming back negative which makes me think I was having a chemical pregnancy , really hope they give me clomid and progesterone support

Mrsbadger77 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:47:08

Yes it sounds like you might benefit from it. When I went to see a consultant last September/October I told him that I needed progesterone supplements and he seemed to go Along with it then hit me with wanting to do a lap and dye procedure which meant I left without prescription. I had to do two months of day 3 and 21 which took me to Christmas and got an appt for my op in January. The follow up appt was March when finally I got Clomid. It didn't do anything for my progesterone. Next month got cyclogest which did raise my levels but still only to 19. So this month they've doubled the dose. What I'm saying is be prepared for the long timescale. It may just have be my experience but I wish I would've insisted on the progesterone at the initial appointment. Good luck with it all and I'd say it does sound like a chemical pregnancy. All very upsetting Hopefully you'll get it sorted.

Rainy34 Sun 07-Jun-15 17:05:16

Thanks MrsBadger for taking the time to offer advice and support, will take on board all that you have said and hopefully soon will get the answers we need x

MaizieDaiziesxx Fri 12-Jun-15 20:23:18

I can't offer any advice, but didn't want to read & run - I'm sorry this is happening to you. Is your DH a head in the sand type OP? It's horrible to be waiting for results & can understand the worry, but when it comes to health I find mine needs a good shove to go to the GP, never mind anything else.. If I let him procrastinate on his timescale, I'd be a pensioner before he made his mind up!

lugo40 Fri 12-Jun-15 20:52:53

we are the same as you, my bleeding before AF was down to a polyp which i have now had removed - ask GP to refer you for ultrasound to check it.

Husband results showeed low motility and has been referred to fertility specialist and i too feel lost and like actually having a baby is moving further away and that if it does happen having been through all this i will be an emotional wreck.

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