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Ttc #2 after 13 years with pcos

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Emz2001 Sun 07-Jun-15 00:04:31

Hi all,
thought I would introduce myself and share my journey with others in a similar position.
I'm about to turn 32 and hubby and I have decided to start the process of a referral.

We have a lovely 13 year old son, conceived whilst on the pill at the tender age of 17! shock
I suffered horrendous pnd for around 3 years after he was born and gained 10 stone and developed pcos. We said at that time we didn't want to think of having another child but didn't ever use any contraception.

Fast forward a few years and 5 stone lighter we changed our mind and went for treatment. I was given metformin and told to lose more weight, had a date for a lap and dye and ovarian drilling and called a halt to it all as the reality of maybe getting pregnant terrified me due to my previous pnd.

So here we are almost 14 years after our son was born and never having used contraception since and we are ready to seek help to try again. One small issue..... I'm now back to my biggest again after losing that 10 stone, it's all back on, I'm totally without periods again, although they returned with a vengeance when I was smaller, but weren't productive.

I've set myself a goal to lose 6 stone by December following a low GI plan as before and hoping that we get our referral around that time as my bmi will be around 34, so nearer to the possibility of treatment.

Could really do with hearing some success stories of those who have secretly hoped that time and weight loss would have done the trick but have gone on to have a successful pregnancy with help.

Lots of love and luck x

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