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is ICSI the next step?

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lugo40 Thu 28-May-15 07:12:10

Hello all,

We have been trying for a baby for 18 months, i am having a polyp removed next week which we seemed sure was the issue, as well as my weight. However, sadly, my husbands sperm analysis showed normal sperm count but low motility. He is having another test done next week to confirm this and then i wonder where do we go from there? If anyone could shed any light that would be so helpful.
If were going to have ICSI i believe i will need to get my bmi down to 20-25 range, again is this true or only for nhs treatment?
I am starting acupuncture today and already having reflexology but i wonder if its better to cancel it all and spend the money on weight watchers and a personal trainer. If we have no now wait for me to lose weight the quicker i do that the better.
Feeling sad,

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 28-May-15 07:37:20

Hi Lugo

Have you been referred for assisted conception yet or are you still being investigated for sub fertility? When I was going through this my DH's sperm samples had poor morphology and from that we were referred for ICSI. There was a waiting list for our nhs hospital, I think we waited about 8 months from being referred. That said waiting times really vary, I've had friends who haven't had to wait for nhs treatment. Ironically when we saw the specialist he said my DH's sample was actually normal but we still went ahead with ICSI as he said once that decision is made they don't go back on it. My DH had been taking conception vitamins and eating foods with selenium in so maybe that helped.

With regards to BMI mine was about 26 when we started and by the 3rd cycle was 29. I think for nhs treatment you have to just be under 30. So depending on your BMI you might not need to lose any weight. It was my 3rd cycle that worked while I was at my heaviest. Good luck!

lugo40 Thu 28-May-15 07:53:59


thank you so much for your reply. They want to do a second analysis before referring us so thats happening next week and then we will see. So i may be jumping the gun here but i just feel i need to start preparing myself for whats to come.

Congratulations i am glad that ICSI worked for you. Is it as invasive as IVF do you know? i know nothing about these things!

CorBlimeyTrousers Thu 28-May-15 08:01:32

Hello. We had IVF privately. My BMI was about 30 and no one questioned it. They may have done for NHS treatment which often has BMI limits or I think if mine had been much higher as it might have affected success rates. We didn't need ICSI but my understanding is that for the woman it's no more intervention than IVF (the eggs are collected in the same way) but the sperm are injected into the eggs. This MAY result in increased incidence of abnormalities as sperm which wouldn't have been 'fit' enough to fertilise an egg normally are helped to do so, but I think the numbers involved are small enough that it's not a significant concern. Do ask if you're not sure.

As everything fertility related takes so long then in the meantime look into your partner making lifestyle changes (drinking, smoking, weight, vitamins, cool baths and loose pants, etc) that might help and can't hurt.

Good luck.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 28-May-15 08:06:05

Yep we had to do 2 samples as well before getting referred.

Having ICSI is exactly the same as IVF. The procedure you and your DH go through will be the same. The only difference is after they have collected your eggs and your DH's sperm they with inject one sperm directly into each of your eggs. With IVF they put the eggs and sperm in a dish together and let them get on with it themselves. In terms of medication and monitoring there is no difference.

I'm the same as you, I was always researching the next step before we got there. I needed to feel somehow in control. Try not to worry about having IVF before you need to. Although it's not a pleasant experience the physical process is really not that bad. Emotionally it can be really tough though. If you do end up needing it there are always fab supportive threads on here and fertility friends is great for talking to people having treatment at your clinic.

Hope everything goes ok at your next appointment

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