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IVF and Endometriosis experiences

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GoneGirl1 Tue 26-May-15 12:49:01

Looking for advice on next steps/experiences/success stories...

Following 18months of TTC last year I had a laparoscopy and dye test that diagnosed stage 3 endometriosis and 1 blocked tube. For treatment I had 6 months of zoladex in the hope to conceive/shrink the endo/clear the blocked tube/improve horrendous period pains. Well we’re still TTC nearly 3 years later plus pains are as worse as ever. I’ve been referred to Guy’s for an appointment at their ACU and awaiting a date for this. I've had blood tests done and husband SA test and all are "normal".

Does anyone know what to expect from this first appointment? I'm anxious we'll be told to continue ttc but I'm keen for us to start IVF.

Does anyone have experience at Guy's for IVF? Or has endometriosis and done IVF? Appreciate your responses please, there is no one for me to speak to about this other than my husband. Thanks :-)

Clarabella84 Tue 26-May-15 20:30:17

Hi, I'm in a similar position although not at guys, began ttc 2013, have endo stage 4 and it's in most places. Had a lap in 2012 to confirm endo and then GNRH injections to calm everything came off them early 2014 to see where we were at. Had a referral to fertility and they said initially had to have a bmi under 30, and that until it was lower they'd keep sending me for a catch up appointment in the mean time Unfortunately te endo has damaged my kidneys and so I needed another lap to try and remove the endo and hopefully make ttc easier as well as make my kidneys function better! The lap in April didn't go to plan as my insides are all stuck together so I'm back on the GNRH awaiting yet another operation this time a laparotomy so that then we can get back on the IVF trail. I think my next bit is to meet with the consultant and start the process which I think is more tests. Would also love to hear success stories!!
Sorry I can't be of more help!

Danaust Tue 26-May-15 22:03:50

I hope I can offer you both some hope. I also have endo and in my case it affects both my tubes-one being more blocked than the other. Our specialist said my chances of natural conception would be low but not impossible...given those odds we went straight for ivf( I was 35 at the time of my first cycle).

Thankfully the first ivf worked and I have a dd who is 28 months. I did my second cycle last summer and also became pregnant but unfortunately miscarried at 9 weeks...we are looking to do a 3rd cycle in the summer.

Wishing you both the best of luck

LilQueenie Tue 26-May-15 22:12:09

I lost a tube, an ovary and most of the other ovary due to endo. after a few surgeries I now have about a quarter of an ovary left which was producing little and very bad quality eggs. second attempt of ivf worked. I have a DD who is currenlty wrecking my living room as I type! Wishing everyone the best of luck.

GoneGirl1 Fri 29-May-15 08:45:01

Thank you all for getting back to me. Danaust and LilQueenie thank you for sharing your experiences, it's quite comforting to hear success stories, especially when all I hear about endo and conceiving is all negative. Danaust sorry to hear about your miscarriage and hope 3rd cycle goes well.

ClaraBella84 thank you for sharing just hearing others experiences is more than helpful! Hoping your next operation goes well so you can start ivf soon :-)

Would love to hear more from others too!

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