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fertility fairness - we need your help!

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mysteryminx Sun 24-May-15 11:11:26

Good morning!
As some of you area aware, fertility treatment funding on the NHS is one big post-code lottery, I was heart broken to find out that in my area I am only offered one full cycle of IVF treatment on the NHS, despite both my husband and I being young and healthy, however, if I moved 15 miles easy, I would be offered two...

I started to look into this, and thought there must be something I can do, I found out about the fertility fairness campaign, which I am sure a great deal of you are already aware of. On their website, they give suggestions of how you can help with the campaign, by writing to your local MP and local CCG's ect

It took me less than 15 minutes to write my emails, and I hope that if we keep pushing, eventually every couple will be given their fair opportunity to have their own child

I would really appreciate it if we could take a little time out to see how we can help raise awareness and put a bit more pressure on the government to get rid of this post code lottery

thank you for taking time to read this

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