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Tested too soon? Confused..

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PlainjaneSE Sat 16-May-15 19:57:27

I had embryo transfer on Tuesday. It's a natural cycle using embryos that have been in storage. I have tested today and it is reading negative. Feel like I just need to know but realise it is way too early. Does any one have any guidance on the soonest I can test for a real result? I've been told to wait until 23/5/15..

madmummy3 Sat 16-May-15 23:53:45

Wait if you can you will drive yourself mad I have to test on 24th so I know how you feel its frustrating, my first pg had low hgc levels so I didn't get positive until 2days after missed period second pg tested a couple of days before and got a positive every pg is different holding off is best.

PlainjaneSE Sun 17-May-15 10:07:26

I am going to wait until either my period or 23rd, whichever comes first! Thank you madmummy3, good to know it can vary that much

CorBlimeyTrousers Sun 17-May-15 10:11:29

I was told to wait until 14 days after embryo transfer (with blastocyst transfer this meant I was 5 weeks pregnant by the time I tested). I didn't test early for exactly the reason you've experienced - not being sure whether a negative test was really negative or just too early. I know it's hard but put the tests away and wait until the official date. Good luck smile

Woobeedoo Sun 17-May-15 21:13:38

There are charts you can look at which give you a timeline of what's going on in there. Google either 2 day transfer, 3 day or 5 day depending on what you had.

it is worth waiting until the official test date but the two week wait is a bloody nightmare of symptom spotting!

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