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Polycystic overies & other issues.

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Bexcx Tue 12-May-15 15:22:18

Hi all, my names becky and I'm 19 years old. I've been going through some issues with my overies and cysts for a couple of years now. Last April I had to go into surgery to remove two sized 7cm cysts off my overies. I've now been officially diagnosed with polycystic overies. The gynecologist has told me that I'm not ovulating and it will be hard for me to conceive later in life. Could someone please help me? I'm 20 in December and I want a family more than you could imagine. I've been with my boyfriend now 3 years, we have had big talks and decided that we should start trying soon. (He's 24) as I've been given a timescale of 3 years with complications. This means that my womb lining isn't as it should be and I'm not actually releasing an egg. So the gynecologicAl team have suggested that if I'm ready to start when I can as later I may not have a change. I'm nervous people are going to be looking down on me or not understanding what situation I'm in. I would never have a child if I didn't see myself as a fit mother. I have a good home and supportive family and work team. I am just nervous for all that could go wrong, I've been told to expect misscarages and difficulty to conceive. Please could someone give me some advice... guidance?! Has anyone else given birth at 20? What was it like? Did people look down on you? Please respond. (I am new so if I get an inbox or two give me time) thank you all x

purplemeggie Thu 14-May-15 13:59:07

Hello Becky. As one who left having a family late and ended up struggling (I have a beautiful ds who is 7 but have not managed to have another in spite of 6 years trying and 18 months of IVF) I would strongly urge you to do what you need to do and to hell with what people think. A generation ago nobody batted an eyelid about women in their twenties having children. I have a number of course friends and family who have had their children in their tend and early twenties and are excellent parents. If this is what you want and you only have this chance, grab it. Good luck x

Bexcx Thu 14-May-15 19:58:22

Thank you for you response. It means a lot x

purplemeggie Thu 14-May-15 21:22:07


(I meant to say "close" friends and family rather than course!) x

saralou15 Sat 23-May-15 21:13:14

Hi Becky. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21 and like you told it would be difficult to conceive. Unlike you though I convinced myself I didn't want children and it was only in my 30s I admitted that I did. After ttc for many years we finally got the money to pay for one round of IVF. My partner has children so we couldn't get it free on NHS. I was 41 and I miscarried. My partner was trying to be supportive but didn't think I would ever get pregnant so for my 42nd birthday in April 2014, I bought myself a convertible VW Beetle and sort of gave up. 2 months later I found out I was pregnant and now have a beautiful 5 month old daughter. What I'm trying to say is I wish I'd been true to myself like you are being when I was younger and possibly saved myself heartache later on. Don't worry what anyone else think, you do what is right for you. Good luck to you, I truly believe if it can happen for me after having PCOS for so many years, it can happen for you.

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