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Don't really know what to expect at our first appointment, can anyone shed more light than the unhelpful doctor?

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LittleBucker Tue 12-May-15 08:20:08

Hi all,
Long time lurker and occasional poster :-)
We have just been referred to our local infertility clinic after two years of ttc. My bloods were normal when originally tested 18 months ago (having another test also just to check nothing has changed) DH results came back fine, a little low but still fine. I have now booked our first appointment at the clinic in 3 weeks but have no idea what to expect? Is it just a meeting to discuss what happens next or will the want to to tests on me straight away?
The doctor was a little vague to say the least! And after asking her three times to explain everything else I gave up.
Makes it all a little real I guess so I'm just really anxious...

FortySixandTwo Tue 12-May-15 08:50:22

We received a document just after booking our appointment which laid out each meetings goals and objectives so to speak so I'm not sure this applies to all pcts. Our first meeting which was a little over 2 months ago basically involved meeting our consultant and going through the results of tests we'd already had done. I also had a TVS at the appointment and they took both mine and DHs BMI. The meeting took about half an hour tops. We were then referred for some more tests AMH for me and SA again for DH and given a second appointment (in a couple more months time) this is basically our funding meeting to find out which treatment path and funding if any is possible we were sent away with forms to fill in and take back to our next appointment. As I said at the beginning I'm not sure this applies to all pcts it may be a slightly different set up but meeting one is normally form filling and fact finding and health questionnaires. X Good Luck with the journey x

LittleBucker Wed 13-May-15 09:55:14

Thank you :-)
I am kind of expecting the same, hopefully our clinic will be as well organised!

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