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Anyone starting IVF soon with ARGC

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aussie82 Mon 11-May-15 18:56:30

Hi, I hope I find other people on here that will be able to join me or help me with my journey!

My journey so far... Ive decided to go with ARGC for IVF and hope it works. I originally started my monitoring cycle and immune testing. I was then advised told i need to start taking humeria injections due to something high in my cells. just finished taking my 2 injections and now its just a waiting game to see what happens next...

Frank85 Mon 11-May-15 21:28:26

I think you are waiting for your NK cells to come down? Im also waiting for this then can start my first IVF cycle .... Fingers crossed the count come down! Hate all the waiting

aussie82 Tue 12-May-15 09:05:04

Hi Frank85, i read somewhere that most people will need to take a course of humeria twice (thats 4 injectiions altogether). you cant take more that 2 courses of humeria, but if still no luck than theres something called IVIG (like a drip) but its expensive. i am sooo impatient with all this lol

are you also with ARGC? my blood test is booked for 26 May. when is your blood test? x

Frank85 Tue 12-May-15 17:39:46

What is Argc?
My clinic said usually only need the 2 injections and the count comes down..... Said I can have another course if needed
Its so confusing!
Blood test next weds so depending on that really can start the IVF

aussie82 Tue 12-May-15 17:45:34

argc is clinic based in london which im using. i think immune testing is only done by few clinics so was wondering (and hoping) we were with the same clinic lol

hopefully only 1 course will be enough for me and you. otherwise the whole process (in my opinion) just gets delayed.

please keep me updated with your journey as i will be only 1 week behind you and can do with a buddy as everything is sooo confusing and i feel im obsessed with google at the moment as i research everything lol x

Frank85 Tue 12-May-15 19:12:10

Ahhhhh ok!! No im at another place in london,im glad they are looking at all the issues before we spend a silly amount of money and its doesnt work,want to give it the best chance
Fingers crossed for both of us!!
Is this your first round? What is the issue that means u need IVF if u dont mind me asking?

aussie82 Tue 12-May-15 20:29:02

yeah im glad they are covering all areas as its all very expensive but then the waiting time kills... 2 weeks for this and 3 weeks for that!

its kind of my first round... my first cycle was with nhs but after egg collect there was only 1 embro but they couldnt do the transfer as my hormone levels were too high so they froze it. i ended up loosing my confidence with nhs and the cycle so decided to go private and start all over again.

i hope i made the right choice but i suppose only time will tell. ive been suggested to do icsi as my partners sperm mobility is slightly on the low side and ive been told one of my ovaries look polystic but i dont have polystic overies (not sure how that makes sense)

what about you... which clinic in london are you going to? what is your issue? sorry dont mean to be too personal... you can ignore my questions if you wish x

aussie82 Tue 12-May-15 20:40:21

sorry also... adding to the list of bad experience with nhs... first they said my partners sperm mobility is good and i should go for IUI (under unexplained fertility) and i need to have HSG to make sure my tubes are open. then after the op they said actually you cant do IUI as partners sperm mobility is slightly low. so now we are getting our tests re-done by ARGC and should find out the results same time as humeria. grrrrrr

aussie82 Tue 12-May-15 20:43:04

either way we will be going for IVF as we have been trying for almost 3 years and no luck and apparently 50% of cases as due to 'unknown factors' which i think we fit into

Frank85 Tue 12-May-15 22:21:05

O dear seems like you have been given a lot of mixed information how frustrating!!
I'm at a clinic in Harley street, seem really good so far, I feel like they are looking into everything and giving me the facts and the recommendations seem good
I have one ovary and endo...... Known from around 22 when I got seriously ill from it all that it would some day be a problem, fast forward 8 years and it is ! Fortunately all scans look good, they saw 15 follicles on the one ovary which from my internet research seems good?! All hormone levels fine, just this natural killer cells issue which I'm hoping the treatment has worked!
I also had my tube flushed out , hoping the humira works it's magic and helps it along naturally but I have a feeling it won't so going for IVF this month..... If the test result comes back otherwise will wait ill the next
What level where you NK cells ? smile

aussie82 Wed 13-May-15 09:43:38

fingers crossed this humeria works first time. but i read a few posts and alot of women were referring to takeing humeria twice which kind of put a damper on me. but then i suppose it all depends on every individual body and how high your level were to start off with.

to be honest im not sure what levels my NK cells were. i got a phone call from the clinic, and whilst she made sense and explained things to me but at the same time i was in shock and had alot of information to take in. its only the same evening i started googling 'humeria' and 'nk cells' did i actually have a better understanding. saying that i will call my clinic and find out as its always handy to know.

what level were your NK cells?

i know theres nothing we can do regarding NK cells but getting the right food and taking supplements are very important during the journey of IVF. Im taking folic acid, co-enezme Q10, royal jelly, etc etc. if you need help with vitamins then i can go and have a look at my draw? lol x

Frank85 Wed 13-May-15 20:17:30

Fingers crossed!!
Its so much to take it when they rang me with the results i was like whattttttt so many drugs and treatment to correct it
They are saying to also have clexane injections and the intralip infusions during the treatment..... I never gonna leave the clinic!!
The level is 42, need to get down to 30 hmmconfused
On so many vitamins think im rattling a little!!

aussie82 Tue 19-May-15 20:37:24

hi frankie, how you? sorry aint been in touch ... been busy with house renovations and bloody forgotten my log in details so just about got that sorted!

its your blood test tomorrow right? bet you cant wait! hope it all goes well xxx

my blood test is next tuesday ... hating the wait but what can we do! x

Frank85 Thu 28-May-15 20:01:42

Just sent you a PMgrinx

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