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Just got IVF but so bloated and taking progesterone. Help.

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Shoegal30 Sun 10-May-15 22:24:50

We just got our BFP yesterday after our 2nd cycle of IVF and have been advised that we are 4 weeks pregnant. The clinic has also advised taking progesterone until we are 12 weeks problem.

The problem is that I am sooo bloated. I literally look about 3-4 months pregnant - even my husband has said the same.

My stomach is so tight and it's making me uncomfortable. On top of that I am very short of breath esp after I've eaten.

I did ask clinic about OHSS but as I am able to pass urine ok and haven't put on 5lb in 1 day they aren't massively worried although I think I have put on about 10lb over the last couple of weeks.

Did anybody else go through the same thing or have any advice? Will the bloating go down?

LittleBear01 Sun 10-May-15 23:24:41

I didn't get to transfer on my most recent IVF as I developed OHSS and I'm afraid your symptoms sound like mine: I was very bloated and it happened gradually, and I was still passing urine as normal. I did have severe stomach pains for a few hours one morning too. keep drinking tons of water and you should seek medical advice really for the breathlessness, as that could indicate fluid up near your chest cavity. I found A&E to be wonderful when I was suffering, they referred me to the EPU and took it very seriously. Please look after yourself.

Darkchoc Sun 10-May-15 23:43:49

Shoegal30 congratulations on your pregnancy, brilliant news! Unfortunately bloating seems to be one of the most common side effects of treatment. My first cycle failed, but I gained just under a stone in weight and had the same kind of horrendous bloating making me look at least 3-4 months pregnant, which was most uncomfortable. It only started to fall away when I stopped the cyclogest, but nearly two weeks later, the 'bloat' keeps returning and over the weekend I haven't been able to fit into my jeans again.

I am not pregnant, however, and in your situation, particularly with the shortness of breath, I'd be seeking fairly swift medical advice.

Drowsybutawake Mon 11-May-15 00:10:13

It sounds like OHSS, yes. I had the same thing and unfortunately it does tend to get worse when you get pregnant. Mine went away about 11 weeks which is when the placenta takes over hormone production - just in time for the real baby bump! confused Make sure you go to the doctor if it gets any worse, drink plenty of fluids and invest in comfy clothes! brew

Shoegal30 Mon 11-May-15 05:21:32

Thanks all I will call the clinic today and see what they say. I should have mentioned that I do have asthma anyway so they did say that this would be affected. I just don't know what else they can do except stop my progesterone which I don't want to do?

I did pop into my docs the other day and they aren't too familiar with OHSS and the symptoms so told me to liaise with the clinic too.

I also have constipation. Again any remedies?

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