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Sally1108 Fri 08-May-15 15:29:06

Hello everyone - I have PSO (29) and hubby has low Morph (32) - after 3 successful years of trying our referral has today been sent to Bourne Hall in Wymondham for ICSI and we are both excited and nervous all rolled in to one

Was just wondering if anyone has been to Bourne Hall in Wymondham and could give me an idea of what happens next? ie time scales and further tests before treatment? to send referral from hospital we had HIV, weight and smoking checks and I have repeated a day 21 and day 2 and hubby has provided further seamen as these tests were completed more than 3 months ago. Will we have to do these all again at clinic?

Any info from any one who has experienced the process would be gratefully received. Also any tips to get ready for what's coming would also be helpful x x x

karendenham Sat 09-May-15 12:54:26

Hi Sally,

I am on my 2nd treatment of IVF but with Bourn Hall in Cambridge, our first treatment failed even though we got 9 eggs but none fertilised, the doctor just couldn't explain but he said its quite common but not hugely. I am 40 so I thought it would have been my age but nothing to do with it (my husband is 31 but his sperm was good).

This time with EC they got 10 eggs, and out of those 5 fertilised. After the ET, they collected 2 very good embryos and implanted them - have had the 2WW and tested positive first time and with the retest again this morning and again positive - good news. Now have to wait for the first scan fingers crossed but even then i won't be able to breathe until I've got to the 3 month point (will be 6 weeks by the time i have the first scan).

My experience at BH was very good - the nurses were and are extremely helpful and are always on hand to advise even if you call and are worried about anything. Mind you we are paying for this treatment so they should be. Both EC and ET were painless, more uncomfortable but i had both good experiences so you need not worry. They also give you a painkiller and tamazapan to make you feel whoozy just so you don't feel anything - again painless.

I doubt you'll have to repeat those tests again as 3 months isn't that long but in any case once you go for your consultation you can ask the doctor.

Best of luck once you start - the injections/drugs you have to take are a pain but in my opinion worth the hassle if it gets you what you so badly desire.

Karen x

Sally1108 Mon 11-May-15 11:55:40

Hi Karen

Thank you so much for the reply. I am very pleased to hear that you had a good experience at BH and that you are pregnant!! A very healthy and happy 9 months to you!!  

Whilst I am not looking forward to the injections and the egg retrieval I am excited at the prospect of finally reaching our dream and as you said what ever it takes will be worth it. Men definitely have the easy job in all of this! Lol

How did you deal emotionally with the first attempt not being successful. I am sorry to ask but this and please do not feel like you have to answer. Every period since being put on clomid I have had a 30min melt down – its obvious that going through ivf will be a lot worse. I have read about having something planned but all I have wanted to do on periods is hibernate…..

x x x x

karendenham Mon 11-May-15 19:43:25

Hi Sally,

Thanks I'm actually 5 weeks this coming Friday,have my dates wrong. So confusing! My first scan is in 2 weeks to see how the pregnancy is developing as in some cases nothing happens at all and the embryos just die, praying that won't happen to but the odds are there.

The injections are fine once you get used to it and I will admit the very first time I couldn't do it as my hands were shaking so I had to get hubby to do it for for me the first few weeks. You get used to it in the end, it feels like a tiny scratch but be warned you do get a bruised tummy but hey what's a ickle bit of of pain, I'd imagine labour is a billion times more painful. Yep your certainly right our men have it so much easier!
Yes I was devastated when it failed first time as I had 9 eggs so we were gobsmacked as to why none fertilised,, i kept thinking was it my age but doc said no just for whatever reason the sperm got lost on the way to the egg, there is no scientific evidence to why this happens. We opted for ICSI 2nd time round where you do get a result and if this happens to you i def recommend it, this is where they inject the egg with the sperm rather than it trying to find its way naturally.

I tried clomid before we were referred but it didn't work for me as my periods were so infrequent plus they said i had a low Amh level. I had to take provera to give me periods both times.

I know it's hard believe me the whole process is so daunting, your emotions are all over the place.

If you ever want to chat offline ie by phone, I can give you my mobile number.?

Take care,


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