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having private infertility treatment and NHS appointment due - what do to?

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catlike1979 Wed 06-May-15 11:21:25

We have been TTC for 10 months with no success. I saw my GP after 6 months and she referred me for investigation at UCH London. The waiting list was so long that we ended up seeking help at a private clinic, where we are now due to start IUI next cycle. Typically, my UCH appointment has finally come round. I don't want to cancel it as if IUI doesn't work, we will need to have IVF and the cost of this privately is eye watering. However, can I still attend my NHS appointment if I am undergoing treatment at a private clinic? Can I tell them this or will they just discharge me from NHS care? I would appreciate advice from any ladies who are/have been in this situation!

Readyforthefuture Wed 06-May-15 18:44:48

Hi cat, I'm in this situation at the moment. We don't become eligible for ivf under the nhs until 3 years (so this month). So a year ago we embarked on a plan to have iui, it's taken nearly a whole year to get into a second cycle. Anyway, we found that it all depends on the nhs rules in your area, in my region we can have 2 self funded fertility treatments before it impacted on our entitlement.

Do you know if the nhs actually provide the ivf treatment or is it just funding? A lot of the rules are published online in different ways, so it's worth a check.

We were half way through this IUI cycle when our consultant at our Ivf consultation told us that if the IUI worked but we miscarried that we would lose all the funding (they over turned this in the end). It's a tough decision to make, but a personal one. deciding whether you're playing a cautious long game, or an optimistic short game, hopefully you don't have to make a choice.

Good luck

Tootsiepops Thu 07-May-15 04:45:51

Worth checking with your CCG. In my area, you can have 2 private attempts at ivf before it impacts on any NHS treatment.

catlike1979 Sat 09-May-15 13:39:09

Thanks so much tootsiepops and ready. I will research my CCG options now! Have no idea what they offer so that's obviously the first point of call.... thanks again x

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