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Any experience with 'poor' blasts?

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hawaiibaby Tue 05-May-15 19:06:43

Our 5 embys dwindled to one today which on day 5 had not quite become a blast. They said it was trying to and had come on further still since they first checked it that morning but have only given a 10-15% chance of pregnancy. Gutted but trying not to mope - just wondered if anyone else has had a NOT top notch blast put back and what happened?

On the positive, our last round of icsi yielded just one emby from the start, grade 2/3 which was put back on day 2 and he's now almost 2, so my only hope is that maybe our embryos are a little slower / un textbook but can't help feeling a bit knocked and fed up sad

Naty1 Wed 06-May-15 09:51:33

Well they never grew ours to blast as we never had enough embryos, they were put back day 3.
But we had success on 2 out of 3 EC. So 6 embryos and 2 pregnancies.
10-15% is still a chance.
Some people have lots of great looking blasts that dont work and others have success with an ok one. Its all luck

Cheesypop Sat 09-May-15 10:05:48

A friend who had IVF never even made it to blasts and always had poor quality 3 day embryos returned. She did have a few rounds but one of those poorer quality embryos did stick and she has a baby girl now. Similar to your first experience really. So it can happen but the odds are low. We are having a frozen 4AA embryo replaced in a few weeks and I'm under 35. Even with all of that I'm steeling myself for the fact that statistically there is a much more than 50% chance it won't work. It's such a hard process to go through.

Wishing you lots of luck for your transfer and 2ww flowers

hawaiibaby Sat 09-May-15 15:34:46

Thanks both, appreciate you replying. DH has been reading lots and lots of forums about 'early blasts' and 'not quite blasts' and is feeling positive - that apparently lots develop a little slower. However, like you Cheesypop, I am steering myself for the low odds - self protection I guess but we will see. Wishing you loads of luck for your frozen ET - great that it is top quality - I really hope it works for you this time.

Naty1 - That is all very true and glad that 2 out of 3 of yours stuck, that's great. It's weird, if we only had 2 and were put back early, I'd possibly be feeling more positive than now which is illogical as I would have no idea if they'd have even made it to day 5, so I think I need to readjust really to the fact that at least I know this one emby was trying to get to blast - it was just a bit of a crash after having 5 - which wasn't at all what we expected after last time. IVF is such a head f*ck!

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