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ICSI countdown T minus 13 days

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ranchgirl Sun 03-May-15 12:48:49

Starting ICSI short cycle in approx. 13 days if AF behaves herself.
First time round. Aged 40. Lowish AMH, husband sperm are useless. On Vit D & FA.

Any last minute advice? (Apart from not getting my hopes up??)

Woobeedoo Sun 03-May-15 21:54:19

Yes the injection needles are stupidly fine but they still make you jump when they touch your skin (I am a needle wuss though). If you are too, an ice cube held where you plan to jab for one minute numbs enough not to feel a thing. After jabbage, I'd put a warm cherry stone heat pack on my injection site, heat promotes blood flow to follicles which in turn means nice fat eggs.

Good luck!

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