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Tests for amenorrhoea-related infertility

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PrincessDandelion Thu 30-Apr-15 10:53:05

Hi all

I had my contraceptive implant removed last summer and have not had AF since then. Since it has been years since I had a proper cycle (due to various contraceptive methods), I went to my GP. I had 3 separate blood tests which all came back "normal", but which indicated I was not ovulating. I also had a transvaginal ultrasound which also came back "normal" (no indication of PCOS) but the technician said that she could tell I would not have AF anytime soon.

I've now been referred to the Endocrinology & Gynecology dept at my local hospital for further tests which I have in 2 weeks' time. When I asked my GP what they would be testing for she said " Um, good question... I don't really know ", which I found to be a strange and a bit frustrating!!

So I was wondering whether anyone who has had a similar experience could help me with what I should expect? I do not appear to have PCOS but also do not have a cycle at the moment so I assume none of these tests are dependent on where I am in it... Might I be prescribed clomid on a first appointment or is that considered a last resort? confused

Thank you!

Moomin37 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:07:08

Hello Princess I have the same condition. I stopped taking the pill last July and had a withdrawal bleed, but nothing since. Paid to have a private consultation and told lack of AF due to intense exercise (I was shocked as I don't do that much). I think the problem is actually a combination of under eating, lack of nutrients, exercise and stress. I need to wait for a lap and due and then a decision will be made about ovulation induction or IVF. Scary stuff.

chickenstew74 Thu 30-Apr-15 23:12:06

I was in a similar situation. Have they talked about doing an AMH test?

PrincessDandelion Fri 01-May-15 09:21:15

Moomin - my GP suggested that excessive exercise or a low BMI might be my problem but I am not underweight (my BMI is about 19), and I just try to stay active and healthy as I have a very sedentary job!

Chicken - I don't think anyone's mentioned that to me. How do they test for that?

Moomin37 Fri 01-May-15 09:40:09

Hi Princess my BMI is also 19 and I have an office job, but did used to have three fairly brief trips to the gym each week. Have since taken a long hard look at my diet (too few calories, too much sugar, very little protein) and made some changes and I feel a whole lot better.

Queenofknickers Fri 01-May-15 09:41:45

I had this (11 years ago) , was told no pcos etc and tried Clomid which didn't work and then saw a reproductive endocrinologist who discovered I had "hidden pcos" ie didn't show up on scans. He put me on metformin and I was pregnant within the month. I now have 2 DSs. I didn't have a period before getting pregnant with 1st DS but had normal ones after him and got pregnant with no assistance with DS 2 within the year. I have normal ones now. Good luck and don't be afraid to question if their diagnosis of no pcos is correct.

Moomin37 Fri 01-May-15 09:43:56

Darn pressed 'post' by mistake! Unlike you, my scan and blood tests revealed problems (but not PCOS), although my AMH was fine - I don't think GPs offer this test (I had mine done through private consultant and it cost about £30).

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