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lugo40 Thu 30-Apr-15 09:52:04


We've been trying to concieve on and off since Jan 14- we've moved house etc so in that time only 6 of the months did we properly try. anyway, we've had some tests just to be sure and I have an area on the uterus wall that's thicker than it should be. ?polyp ?who knows! So now I guess I will be referred to gynae.

Anyone else had this? Experience of what's next? Will it affect my fertility? If not polyp what could it be?


DennyDifferent Thu 30-Apr-15 19:15:27

I have suspected polyps, they looked like black spots on the scan, I'll need a camera to confirm. they are quite small. could what you're describing be a fibroid? there are different kinds of polyps and fibroids. next step will probably be a hysteroscopy (sp?!), a camera inserted through your cervix for them to get a better look. good luck with it all X

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