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edinburgh fertility unit

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bob1985 Thu 30-Apr-15 08:49:38

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any experience of the fertility unit at the Edinburgh royal? DH and I have our 1st apt in May (with a Dr Coutts) and not sure what to expect. Been ttc for just about 3 years a little excited but nervous about taking this step. Thankssmile

oopswoops Thu 30-Apr-15 14:55:51

Hi there, I'm in the middle of investigations there although with a different doctor. At the first appointment we were asked lots of questions then booked in for all the tests which take a few months to do. It might be different if anything has shown up in any tests you've had already. Good luck!

bob1985 Thu 30-Apr-15 18:28:02

Hi oops, thanks for the reply. Nothing has came back as unusual in tests so far(which is good but also slightly frustrating, I'm one of those people who likes to know what the issue is!). Hope all goes well for you smile

oopswoops Thu 30-Apr-15 20:32:28

Thanks bob, our tests were mostly normal but I have an ovarian cyst on one ovary that was still present on second scan so I'm waiting to hear what the next step is. Be prepared for lots of waiting, my first appointment was in dec, six months later still not really sure what's happening! It's hard isn't it, fingers crossed all worth it in the end

Sweetpea80 Thu 30-Apr-15 22:40:07

Hi we have just had our IVF transfer done at Edinburgh on Wednesday. Our consultant was Dr Coutts and she is lovely. She goes through every option with you and will discuss anything you are unsure of.
Like the other message says be prepared for a lot of waiting. Our first appointment was March 2014 and this is us just coming to the end of our first cycle.
Good luck smile

bob1985 Fri 01-May-15 18:05:37

Thanks sweetpea, beginning to realise patience is key in this game! Fingers crossed for you, hope all goes well. smile

Cheesypop Sat 02-May-15 17:01:59

I am in the middle of a frozen embryo cycle at EFREC just now. They are fab but it is a long wait. Our dates were referred by GP July 2013, appoint Oct 2013, various tests in Nov/Dec and then at an appointment in Feb 2014 we were placed on the waiting list. That is exactly one year and we had our fresh ICSI cycle in Feb 2015. So roughly 18 months from GP referral to IVF starting. Once it started they were great. It's a busy clinic (couldn't get a seat in the waiting room this week!) but every single person I've met there has been lovely. Good luck! flowers

roozocheeks Tue 05-May-15 19:40:09

Hi bob, at our first (and only!) apt at edin royal, I had to give a urine sample, before meeting the doctor who discussed at length our test results and next steps (all blood tests, sperm analysis had been completed prior to our first apt) I can't remember the name of our doctor but he was great. No question was too ridiculous for him and he really set our minds at ease. I had an internal ultrasound to confirm diagnosis (I wasn't ovulating due to to PCOS) then we met with a nurse who went through everything again with us before giving me my first prescription of clomid.
After all the frustration of waiting for apts and tests etc, it was really uplifting for us to feel that we were now on the right tracks and we had these amazing people on our side.
We were incredibly lucky that the clomid worked first time. I have my fingers crossed for you, good luck!

ToesAndFingersCrossed Mon 11-May-15 18:01:09

Hi Bob,

We've been in and out of the fertility unit at ERI for just over a year now with what was initially unexplained, but further tests in the clinic pointed to male factor. We had once successful round of ICSI which sadly recently ended in miscarriage, but we're having a frozen cycle in July and I haven't a bad word to say about the clinic. In fact, Dr Coutts did both my egg collection and then embryo transfer and she was really fantastic. She's a total perfectionist and also very calm and reassuring.

I have my fingers crossed for you, and might even see you in the waiting room now and again, we're starting our wave of appointments prior to a new cycle this week!

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