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Clomid questions, would love to yea your experiences

(22 Posts)
Vap0 Mon 20-Apr-15 13:45:52

Hi All

Ttc #1 for 19 months

I am about to be prescribed clomid (Yahoo!!! Finally). Just a quick question on timings.
Af is due on 7th may
Will be prescribed on 11th may (at appointment)
When you have been prescribed clomid can you collect your prescription on the day or do you have to wait?
What is the latest date in the month you can start taking it?
From my understanding you take it day 2-6 but can you take it later in circumstances like these?
Can you start in day 5?
I think I will miss the month of may but just wanted to check.
Was just hoping someone might know?
Af is quite irregular so I could just hope it's a few days late...

Also, are there any stats on success rates and durations of time it takes to conceive?

I have read about some people taking 50mg for 3 months and then having it upped to 100mg for the next 3 months but have also heard of some people who took 50mg one month then 100mg the next month. Does this just depend on your doctor?

Am I right in thinking there is a maximum of 6 months at a time you can have clomid? And if so, how long do you have to be off it before trying again?

If that is the case will it be worth me pushing for a 50mg for month 1 then 100mg for month 2?

I've been taking soy isoflathomes this month but won't know if they have helped ovulation until the end of the week and I'm really getting impatient. I have the ovia app on my phone which says I am in my fertile period between today and Saturday (20/04 - 25/05) and took a test this morning and squinting could just about see a very very faint line and so am hoping the soy has helped. Never really had any sort of line on these tests so fingers crossed it gets darker over the coming days.

At least if the soy hasn't helped I don't have too long to wait until I get my clomid.

Another question too.... If it will be too late on day 5 to start clomid should I have another month of using soy before the clomid? Will this help or will it hinder the clomid when I take it?

Not had any cm (let along ewcm) for a good few months now, I think the last time was January...

Suppliments I am currently taking are
Folic acid
Calcium and vit d

Any insights will be greatly appreciated and any experiences from others too.

Thank you in advance

Vap0 Mon 20-Apr-15 13:46:52

Apologies - the title was supposed to say *Hear your experiences

CheeseFlavouredDiscs Mon 20-Apr-15 13:48:47

follicular tracking with clomid is very useful. If you can get this, i'd recommend it. You at least know whether the clomid is having any effect and whether or not you are ovulation, and when!

Bovnydazzler Tue 21-Apr-15 06:56:39

Hi vap0

Good luck with the clomid, it sounds like a long journey to get here.

Sorry to say you'll most likely be prescribed it too late for next cycle. My Gyno only wrote the recommendation for the GP to prescribe, it took a few days to actually get the prescription. You only get 6 cyclea (generally) to keep cancer risk low and as it hasnt got good success rates for after 6 months so you need to ensure each cycle counts- so no point trying it day 6-10 if day 2-6 may work better. The specialist will advise.

Agree with asking for follicle tracking and progesterone 21 day test to check for ovulation. I also used OPKs.

Clomid made me quite dry which I think is the reason it hasn't worked for me, but things you can do whih may help: use preseed/conceive plus fertility lubricant, drink lots of water, drink grapefruit juice, try evening primrose oil up to ovulation.

Dryness and thinning of the lining are side effects with clomid in some ladies (about 25%, me included!) so that's the reason that you should take the lowest dose that you are ovulating on instead of upping the dose. That is why you should ensure they give you a follicle scan and progesterone test on your first cycle at least.

Not sure what to suggest about soy isoflavones, I'd guess the specialist likely to say don't use them to get your body normal before clomid (particularly if they haven't made you ovulate before), as it's not a regulated product I guess there may be unknown side effects (I may try it myself soon though!)

Good luck!!

Vap0 Tue 21-Apr-15 09:15:41

Thanks Cheese & Bovny for the info!

I will ask about follicular tracking, is this an internal scan again? hope not

When I had my HyCoSy the doc said he could see 1 follicle, I didn't realise that was not very good until I read about another lady on here the other day who was struggling who had 14.

The soy works in the same way as clomid, taking it day 2-6. I have a few more days to opk but not holding my breath. I know nothing is happening without the soy and so tricky decision to make next month - plenty of time to decide, it also can take a couple of cycles to work so will think long and hard about having another go next time.

I think I will struggle with dryness too as I really have for the last few months with nothing. I did look at pre-seed before but never used it as didn't know what to do with the lack of ovulation. I'll buy some ready for when I start on my clomid.

Good job you mentioned it taking a doctors appointment to be given the clomid as it takes 2 weeks minimum to get in to see my GP. I'll book an appointment ASAP after my hospital appointment just in case.

Bonvy - are you using clomid at the minute? Has it made you ovulate? Did you ovulate before using it? What cycle number are you on? Sorry for all the questions, I want to start clomid knowing as much as I need to before starting and also without false hope as it is worse when you expect it to happen and it doesn't - the doctor suggested that the HyCoSy should be the answer to problems ttc - until I reminded him of the lack of ovulation.

This is such a long journey sad, just hope it is all worth it in the end. Much longer journey for a lot of people on here though, my heart goes out to them flowers

Hedgehog1977 Tue 21-Apr-15 11:08:31

I used Clomid to conceive my little boy, now aged 7 months. I was on 50mg for 3 months, they did day 21 tests and upped the dose to 100mg and I got my bfp on cycle 5. I think you will have to wait as it is supposed to be started on cd2. You are only supposed to take 6 cycles, having said that I was prescribed 8. I wish I'd insisted on scans - it is recommended that you are scanned, but a lot of places don't. I had blood tests but they're not as good. I picked mine up same day, I think I had to go to the hospital pharmacy rather than a normal one.


Rosieblossom123 Tue 21-Apr-15 12:08:38

Hi Vap0, I'm in a very similar situation as you, my appointment for clomid is on the 29th this month CAN'T WAIT!! haha but the only thing is my cycle has been regular the last couple of months so I've a had a 42 day cycle the last two cycles, AF was due on the 19th which was last Sunday two days ago but never came so I’m really hoping that AF doesn't turn up until my appointment to be honest, don’t want to delay it any more especially when I have been waiting for ages.

So Af is either trying to make my life easy but not turning up until my appointment or I’m prego which I don’t think I am as I have been feeling alright apart from feeling tired all the time but that could be due to me working not sure sad

Good luck to you all, baby dust to everyone!! xx flowers

Vap0 Tue 21-Apr-15 17:53:28

Rosie, best of luck to you smile
Have you been ovulating without clomid?
How long have you being Ttc?
Id be interested to hear how you get on with your clomid, if you do get it prescribed.

Phephenson Tue 21-Apr-15 21:22:11

Has anyone been prescribed anything alongside clomid - Estrace or prometrium?
Supposed to stop you drying up.
If not has anyone bought anything over the counter that has helped - pre seed or cough syrup with guaifenesin? Thanks :-)

megabelle Tue 21-Apr-15 21:53:36

I was given Clomid after having laser diathermy, due to pcos. Conceived on first month of usage, after ttc for 7 years. Only worrying thing at the time was no-one told me that Clomid had potential for multiple births, so at 12 week scan told having twins was very unexpected. I didn't have scans at that time but it was a long time ago, both DTB are now at uni. Wish OP all the best and hope Clomid works for you too!

megabelle Tue 21-Apr-15 22:02:54


Rosieblossom123 Wed 22-Apr-15 10:13:00

Vap0 I don't think I have been ovulating each cycle, the last two cycles were 42 days cycle so I might have ovulated then its hard when you have irregular cycles you just don't know when to test. sad we have been ttc for 15 months now, we started ttc as soon as I came off the pill and that's since my periods became so irregular! apparently from what my gyn says is that my hormone level is normal so they're not worried as well as my bmi its 19.5, internal scans showed pcos but she said clomid should kick start my ovulation so we'll see fingers crossed!! I will keep you updated smile AF hasn't turned up yet so we'll see! next Wednesday cant come soon enough lol
megabelle wow that's amazing, must have been overwhelming! my mum had twins when I was 11 and I absolutely loved them and my uncle has 4 sets of twins haha so I a bit scared as I know they are hard work haha xx

Vap0 Wed 22-Apr-15 11:59:42

Rosie I know what it's like not knowing when to test, I've gone a bit mad with it and have tested every day some months. Slightly darker line today than ever before (although these are different tests) so fingers crossed the soy may be having an effect.... Can't wait to get home to test again tonight.

As others have suggested do ask for follicular tracking, I think this sounds a proactive way of seeing if it is working. I hope they give it to you. I'll be asking for it too at my appointment. I'm going to go in with a long list of questions as whenever I'm in front of them I never remember and it's always a bit of a whirlwind.

I'm a little high on my bmi, they want me to weigh 12.4, currently 12.10 so only 6lbs to go.... Started Jan 1st 2015 at 13.11 so getting there slowly. (bmi calculator says at 12.9 i will have a bmi of 29.9, so I suppose they want me just under that for the best chance. I will make sure it is on the button for 11th may though as can't jeopardise being given these (hopefully) magic pills.

Megabell, twins sounds amazing. My sister has twins. I'd be over the moon if that happened to me (I know there are increased risks) double the fun grin

Rosieblossom123 Wed 22-Apr-15 13:14:15

Wow well i just got A BFP smile I can't believe it! I just I might as well do one as I am late! I might still go to the appointment on Wednesday and see what they say good luck to everyone flowers

Vap0 Wed 22-Apr-15 15:02:34

Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!! I hope your good luck is catching flowers

Rosieblossom123 Wed 22-Apr-15 15:19:24

Thank you Vap0 I couldn't believe it, I was convinced that I wasn't until I looked at the test about 50 times lol I wish you luck and I'm sure you will be okay just try and not stress out too much about it because this month is the only month I stopped stressing out and it happened, I know its easier said than done but try as much as you can to take your mind of things, good luck again flowers

Freddiesmother Wed 22-Apr-15 16:35:19

Vap0 weirdly in a really similar situation appointment on the 11th and 6lbs to go before then grin I had no idea the process was so involved - I am having tracking I think. Can't wait to start its been a long journey to this point.

Vap0 Wed 22-Apr-15 19:36:37

Freddiesmother Hi!
How long have you been ttc?
Have you been ovulating without clomid?
Do you have pcos?
Luckily I don't, one less thing to think about.
When will you be able to start your clomid once prescribed on 11th?
Do keep in touch and we can compare notes on what the dr says smile

megabelle Wed 22-Apr-15 20:06:32

Thanks Rosie and Vapo, it was hard at first but such a joy, well worth the wait! I know how difficult it was for me to ttc and know that I was lucky and blessed to have the chance of having a great family.

Congratulations Rosie on your news, that's great!

Vapo , hope that your news stays positive too!

If it helps anyone, I was told by my gynae about about a book called "the Billings method" which was really useful for me, it tells about you signs from your body to show that you are ovaluating without the need to keep testing or using kits, and worked for me to catch for DD.

Thinking of you all and good luck!

Vap0 Thu 23-Apr-15 07:42:14

Please help!
New type of opk
Is this ovulation or still negative?
Darkest line I've ever had smile
Was very dehydrated when I took the test though.
No cm at all, don't seem to get cm any more, probably didn't help being dehydrated.
Just dtd just in case grin

Freddiesmother Mon 27-Apr-15 08:38:44

Hi Vapo - sorry I cant help with the stick. Have been trying for a couple of years, no ovulation and yes have PCOS. Will be able to start straight away as will take provera (i think its called). Keep wobbling with my weight loss need to keep focused its hard as when I am stressed I eat - and I am finding this stressful smile

Vap0 Sat 02-May-15 09:56:37

I had a positive ovulation test on April 24th
Didn't have well timed sex unfortunately! DP was unwell, very frustrating!
TMI Have had a bit of cm this week, Thursday afternoon and all day Friday (yesterday), it's all gone now.
Can't wait for 11th May and my clomid appointment. The days seem to be dragging, it's all I can think about.
Fingers crossed AF is delayed and doesn't arrive on 7th as estimated and appears later so I can take my clomid in may.
I know I'll be wishing away the whole month of may as well until I can start with clomid early June. So frustrating!
I can't believe it was march when he told me that was what he was going to give me at my next appointment. Why didn't I go private? Tick tock tick tock...
Don't suppose anyone has any spare? Ha.

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