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Can AMH levels change?

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itsmeitscathy Sun 19-Apr-15 23:16:31

Long story, I was menopausal and now I'm not. I'm under a prem menopause consultant who is great but his exp is very much in menopause.

Since seeing him my periods have restarted and my bloods are now consistent with ovulation. Great. But I've previously been to assisted conception who said my AMH showed low egg stocks.

This is all v rare - cancer induced menopause so no one has any exp of it that I've come across. Anyone here know if your eggs can go from zero to ok? I think I just have to go back to ACU but my hopes are up even I know realistically things haven't changed much. I can't get an appointment till at least August so it's a long wait.

Andcake Mon 20-Apr-15 18:33:04

Sorry you are going through this and especially after cancer treatments. I don't have exact comparison but wanted to let you know what happened to me
Age 37 ihadamh0.1 so v low. I tried to improve egg health via yoga, supplements like dhea etc
I'm the course of3 years I conceived naturally 3 times 2 mc first then at 40 had my wonderful ds grin
I only had my Amh done once but it was v low but I did finally get a baby

itsmeitscathy Mon 20-Apr-15 18:51:38

Thanks for replying smile congratulations on your ds and sorry for your pain along the way.

I'll take hope from it and just see what happens when I try (it won't be for a while yet)

Shellster52 Tue 21-Apr-15 05:28:25

I read the title of your post 'Can AMH levels change?' and wanted to reply that I have changed mine from 2.5 to 6.7. But now that I click on your thread and read your story, your circumstances are different to mine.

I have always had very light periods and with very poor blood supply to my uterus, I assume I also have very poor blood circulation to my ovaries. Hence I took Aspirin to improve blood supply to my ovaries. I have been doing IVF and my day 2 follicle count has increased from 5 to 16-19. I also took DHEA after reading many promising studies online relating to DHEA and IVF.

But obviously your circumstances are different to mine, having cancer to cause your low egg supply rather than poor blood supply. Out of curiosity, what have you done to re-establish your periods and ovulation?

itsmeitscathy Tue 21-Apr-15 19:15:46

Thanks for your reply smile absolutely nothing! I've no idea why things have changed but it's v annoying!

Shellster52 Wed 22-Apr-15 01:31:10

Well, at least it sounds like things have changed for the better - that your periods have returned and you are ovulating again. How old are you? I am 37 (closer to 38) but even at 34, my AMH was VERY low for my age.

farfallarocks Thu 30-Apr-15 13:22:34

DHEA is your friend in these circumstances and I believe that, co enzyme q10 and vitamin d can all help AMH levels.
What you are really aiming for is improved egg quality though rather than number of eggs. There are lots of great suggestions in 'It all starts with the egg' on how to do this. I followed the advice and managed to get pregnant naturally after 18 months, terrible AMH (1) and a disastrous IVF round. Only 9 weeks so early days but more progress than I made in 18 months prior to that!

Shellster52 Fri 01-May-15 01:14:37

A huge congratulations to you farfall. You are very right, we can't increase our number of eggs and if I recall correctly, you had only 3 collected with your IVF. My IVF history is similar. So it is reassuring that you worked on egg quality and it must feel wonderful to finally be pregnant.

My husband doesn't smoke or drink but he has 0% normal sperm, so IVF is our only option. I will go and look up this 'it all starts with the egg'. I assume it's a book? But I am starting my last IVF cycle (last I can physically afford) in 3 weeks - so by the time I find and order it, it might be too late. So any last minute advice you can give me here would be welcomed.

I am already taking DHEA, CoQ10 600mg daily and vitamin D. Any other suggestions farfall? Congrats again.

farfallarocks Fri 01-May-15 09:58:08

Thanks shellster, yes that is right, 3 eggs, 2 mature and poor quality embryos. We were lucky that my Dh always had excellent sperm so natural conception was a possibility even with my issues.

It is a book, she suggests, DHEA, co enzyme q10, avoiding parabens in shampoo etc, having good dental hygiene (as apparently bacteria can cause some sort of problems) and following a high protein, Mediterranean diet. That was basically it. She also recommended taking melatonin but I did not.
Good luck!!

Shellster52 Fri 01-May-15 22:40:31

Thank you farfallarocks. That is all very reassuring as I am already doing the DHEA, CoQ10 and a high protein diet. I have heard about the mediterranean diet but am not really doing that - my protein comes from things I can conveniently pack and take to work like a tin of tuna or boiled eggs or a protein bar. What sort of food does that involve? I will research that today. I will also improve my dental hygiene. I had seen a show on TV saying that flossing adds 6 years to your life! So I guess it makes sense that if good dental hygiene is so important that it is improving our ability to live by 6 years, then it would be good for our fertility organs too. Just hard to imagine how brushing and flossing can have such an impact, but it's not difficult to do so I shall get onto it.

My husband has absolutely terrible dental hygiene. He never brushes his teeth unless I bring him the toothbrush and a cup to spit in. It's a turn off kissing him half the time. I wonder if this would also improve his sperm?

Shellster52 Fri 01-May-15 22:46:11

Oh, and I'm doing the Melatonin too.

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