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Fertility Clinics London

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skat1 Mon 09-Mar-15 13:22:51

Hi All, I'm new to this website (no children at the moment) but I wondered if anyone on here had any recommendations or experiences regarding london based clinics?

There are so many to choose from and I am worried that making a wrong choice now will adversely affect how sucessful the final outcome is.

I am 39 and have just found out (from an unrelated scan) that I have a bicornuate utereus, I am also bleeding irregularly (extra long periods). My partner already has children so rather than wait for the nhs to say no I've decided to just get a wiggle on and go private.

If any one has any info I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks in advance.

thejoysofboys Mon 09-Mar-15 13:37:47

I had ICSI at the Lister (6 years ago) and couldn't recommend them highly enough. Absolutely fabulous service the whole way through.
We initially had SA tests done for DH at London Bridge (which is where we were diagnosed) but the initial doctor there was not a patch on the consultants at the Lister.
(DH's diagnosiss was pretty conclusive but was a bolt out of the blue and the doctor told me off for getting a bit upset in the consultation when she gave us the results. I'm no drama queen by any means, just got a bit sniffly but it wasn't acceptable in her view!).

The HFEA website give "ofsted" types reports of the different clinics and shows their results. There are also good forums on the fertility friends website - both for specific clinics and for thoses with similar fertility problems so you'll probably get some good relevant advice on there too.

Darkchoc Tue 10-Mar-15 12:45:55

Hi, my only experience is the Chelsea and Westminster, ACU, in 2013. I started off there and I have to say that despite its reputation medically for being very good, I found the administrative side so utterly appalling that I walked away from it without hesitation. It felt as though the reception/admin was short staffed. For instance, it took 3 attempts just to have my address updated and it was so difficult to get through to speak with someone, which was so stressful. However, the nurses, I spoke with were nice, but again, communication between them wasn't the best.

I then took a 1 year break due to personal reasons before trying to find another clinic. Over the weekend I looked again at the clinic and reviews on other sites and there are not many unfortunately. I was hoping to find some fantastic ones that would entice me back because it is small and more personal in a way...and they have no hesitation trying to save you money by handing prescriptions out / or having some bloods done at GP etc. They also tend to take on more difficult / specialist cases, which is why I believe their results/successes aren't like those of the ARGC.

Andcake Tue 10-Mar-15 21:19:23

I had good experiences at lister and bridge. I'd actually see if you can find out who is expert in your issue as mine was quite different. I'd also consider travel times as I had quite a bit of sneaking out of work.

skat1 Thu 12-Mar-15 11:19:48

thank you so much for your responses, the lister and the bridge are on my list but a little bit further away for me being in North London but if they turn out to be the best I'm happy to travel.

I think I will do a bit more research and look on the HFEA's website as suggested.

Its just so scary not knowing what to expect and I don't know anyone who has been through similar who could give advice or recommendations.

thanks again smile

TheSkinnyProject Thu 12-Mar-15 11:23:02

Geeta nargund at Create in Raynes Park.

Amazing woman.

MrsCakesPrecognition Thu 12-Mar-15 11:26:50

I was treated at the Herts and Essex Fertility Centre in 2007/8. I was very happy with the service, excellent support, really made following the process simple. Their approach seemed very transparent. I chose them as they had an excellent success rate and I was very happy when I got pregnant on my first round of IVF.

They are based in Cheshunt, just near the M25. Might be worth having a look at their newest reports and stats to see if things are still looking good.

LollieLoves Thu 12-Mar-15 16:59:51

I had a great experience at the Lister. Would highly recommend James Nicopoullos, who was our consultant and was fantastic. Both very switched on and up to date medically, but also a very personable, kind and empathetic man. Answers emails quickly, and is never impatient,regardless of the level of neuroticism! He will tailor the treatment,to your specific circumstances and wishes, and is thorough without over-treating.

Good luck!

amyjojos Thu 12-Mar-15 21:45:08

Hi, I would recommend CRGH, they are based in Kings Cross but are due to move soon, not too far away. We had our first round starting in November and it was successful! Dr Abramov was amazing, all the staff are wonderful and their procedures, protocols and lab are second to none. We got 8 eggs, 7 fertilised and all of them made it to day 5 blastocyst. They tailor the protocol to you and nothing goes unnoticed. It was really expensive though, more than we had bargained for but worth it smile. Good luck, hope you find the clinic for you X

worriedmum100 Sat 14-Mar-15 09:52:06

We had treatment at CRGH and the individual doctors and nurses were fine but I found the administration terrible and the fee structure opaque. When I asked for the cost of things no one seemed to know.

I think there's a bit of an assumption (probably not limited to CRGH) that if you're having private treatment you must have a bottomless pit of money and will just agree to tests and procedures whatever they cost.

I had two specific negative incidents there. One was an IUI which for medical reasons was supposed to be performed by one of the doctors but on the day a nurse came in to do it. I queried it and asked them to check my notes which specified a doctor. It took them 45 minutes to find an available doctor while I lay there holding my partners sperm sample. Not great. Another time I was given a swab which I didn't need (again notes not checked properly) and was then charged for. I had to fight with them a bit to get a refund. So in my experience CRGH was a bit of a mixed bag.

worriedmum100 Sat 14-Mar-15 09:54:31

p.s. you can find out quite a lot about different clinics from the chat boards on the fertility friends website. Good luck with everything.

johendy Sat 14-Mar-15 19:44:51

I'd recommend the Lister too. I cycled twice there last year and found it relaxed but professional. Appointments were close to on time too, which is important when juggling appointments with work, early scan appointments so I was just a little late for work during stimms. Our issue was straight forward - sperm count - so we took the first consultation that came up, not thinking about the consultant and we're happy to stay with him after an unsuccessful 1st cycle, but they have a good range of specialists.
Good luck

skat1 Thu 19-Mar-15 12:19:03

Thanks everyone for your recommendations and comments. I think I have narrowed it down to the Lister, the Bridge or the London womens centre on Harley street.

I think I am erring more towards the lister as it seems to have nothing but good reports. The bridge seems to be more of a mixed bag and the londons womens centre purely because it is close to work and I haven't seen anything terrible about them (obviously I don't want to choose just on location).

Does anyone have any further experiences of the bridge or LWC? I've promised myself to stop researching and make an appointment by next week at the very latest!!

Thanks again smile

tm1382 Fri 15-Jan-16 17:21:46

Dear Skat1 - I have just shortlisted the same clinics as you and wondered who you eventually went with. Would really appreciate any feedback. Utterly confused at the moment. Many thanks.

cheapredwine Sat 16-Jan-16 18:52:01

Depends on your situation and I guess maybe whether you've reached the point of throw-everything-at-it but... ARGC. It's IVF boot camp and unlike anywhere else (forget squishy sofas and coffee machines) but they get results which are head and shoulders above all the others, basically across the board (ie for all ages categories). It's not for everyone and it's very expensive especially if you need immune treatment. You have to learn to go with the flow but their attention to detail and individualised treatment is absolutely worth it.

tm1382 Sat 16-Jan-16 20:22:32

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply cheapredwine - it really means alot. I'm just starting this journey at 43, been TTC for 18months but no period now for the last 6months. I'm pretty terrified to hear the home truths but know I need to find out what's happening and stop pretending everything will work itself out. Ideally I'm looking for a clinic to get checked out and then stay with for whatever protocol I need. I will take a good look at ARGC now. Thank you again. All the very best.

MaybeDoctor Sat 16-Jan-16 20:54:21

I do not recommend Bridge/LWC - same place.

Clinically, ok. But the administration was laughable. Mixed messages and wrong bills galore. Some of the pricing was certainly less than transparent e.g. offering an IUI package including a 'free' scan that it turned out would only be any use if you actually became pregnant, yet billing you extra for the scan that they 'recommended' earlier in the cycle.

When I last contacted them and told them that we had lost confidence in their services I was promised a call from their patient services manager - in October 15. Still waiting for that call...hmm

Dannygirl Sat 16-Jan-16 22:07:03

Highly highly recommend ARGC for exactly the same reasons as cheapredwine. All the very best of luck to anyone making this decision right now, it's so tough, feel free to post or message with any questions x

cheapredwine Sun 17-Jan-16 14:33:22

tm you're welcome, I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be. Are you London based? I had 2 NHS cycles, complete waste of time but very 'huggy' and caring. ARGC generally aren't like that (though I had a complete hysterical meltdown at one point over Gestone injections and they were utterly wonderful, couldn't have been more amazing and lovely, filled me with flapjack and hot chocolate, stayed with me for ages while I calmed down) and it's insanely busy and chaotic. But Mr Taranissi gets results because of the attention to detail he pays to literally everyone who has treatment there. I can still barely believe it but am currently 15+3 thanks to ARGC. Like Dannygirl, also happy to answer any questions. Wishing you all the very best.

tm1382 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:13:41

MaybeDoctor - Thank you for letting me know about Bridge/LWC, they were on my shortlist but I'm going to steer clear of them now. So sorry to hear of your bad experience with them.

Dannygirl - Thanks so much for the recommendation for ARGC and really appreciate the support - I am finding this all pretty tough at the moment.

cheapredwine - Congratulations! You must be so relieved and happy. I am London based so there is more choice but definitely more confusion. All the researching and reading, and knowing I have to to place my trust, hopes (and finances) with a clinic I don't know anything about has been really upsetting and I keep bursting into tears. I feel silly, I haven't even been checked out yet and you sound like you have been through so much already. Thank you very much for being so open and helping me reach a decision of who to go with.

outputgap Mon 18-Jan-16 11:31:41

Thejoysofboys is bang on to recommend the hfea website. Please please check out the success rates of the clinics you consider, go to their open days and snoop here and on fertility friends.

I followed some lovely women who had enormous amounts of treatment at great financial and emotional expense when I was active on fertility friends who were at frankly shit clinics. If they had gone to ARGC, their chances of getting pregnant would have been doubled. In fertility treatment, that is a life changing difference. Please don't waste your money on average or poor clinics.

I was successful at the Lister. I thought they were great. And Dr James, although not my doctor, is fantastic. I would have legged it to the ARGC if that hadn't have worked though. You need to think about how many cycles you could manage and at what point would you go to the ARGC if you don't wasn't them to be your first port of call.

Wistfulthinking Mon 18-Jan-16 11:42:12

I had a great experience at the Zita West clinic near Baker Street. I had added complications with immune issues which they specialise in. I found the Doctors and Nurses very supportive at all stages and we were very fortunate to concieve DD on for first IVF round with a frozen embryo.

I think they may be a bit more expensive but for us it was a very positive experience.
Good luck!

Maurice169 Thu 11-Feb-16 20:28:51

92 Harley Street. Mr Salim.
I'm 46, needed donor egg, so recommend Quiron Barcelona.
They found our donor in 5 weeks, amazingly it worked first time. I have 1 week to go before we meet our son. Also have 2 grade A embryos left in Barcelona we may go back for. Good luck

calabresa Sun 17-Jun-18 12:11:23

I recently completed IVF at the Lister Fertility Clinic. I do not recommend this place under any circumstances. I had the misfortune of being treated by Dr James Nicopoullos. I have never come across anyone in a caring profession so rude, arrogant and unpleasant to deal with. A whole raft of complaints at every encounter with him. I can only compare him to a cheap car salesman with the arrogance and smarm to match. Did not listen to my concerns about my fertility and even shouted at me after I had my operation to freeze eggs that I should make a complaint if I didn't like the treatment and to leave the hospital. One of the most expensive fertility clinics yet having a consultant like Dr Nicopoullos is to add insult to injury. Other women in the waiting room I spoke to had similar experiences with him. Dr Thun was good and the nurses are on the whole ok, if a little bit inexperienced. But you do feel like a conveyer belt going through processes they follow without anything personalised, even after 3 cycles?? Not worth the money given the poor experience I had with Dr Nicopoullos, my advice is to shop around.

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