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Clomid cycle, small follicles, possible ovulation?

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icy121 Wed 11-Feb-15 19:04:12

Hi, wondering if anyone could shed any light or reassurance on this one..

2nd round of clomid. went for cd12 scan first thing yesterday and she found 2 follicles of just under 13mm each. Doc has told me to go back on Friday for another scan.

Using the CB OPKs and I got a solid smiley today, which I was inclined to just ignore, because 'PCOS, shit hormones', but just went to pee and discovered a faint bit of spotting. It I HAVE ovulated, do the follicles stand any chance, given how small they are?

To further muddy the water, I've got a bit of cystitis today, so not sure if it's that which would cause any bleeding... but never has before. Abdomen now feels really tight and uncomfortable, very bloated.

Has anyone expereinced anything simlar?

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