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Day 3...

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Sugarplummy84 Thu 05-Feb-15 18:33:19

6 embryos, 1 grade ones, 5 grade twos. They are pushing for blastocyst transfer on Saturday. Can grade 2s become blastocysts?! All opinions on these numbers welcome x

Sugarplummy84 Thu 05-Feb-15 20:44:31


makingdoo Thu 05-Feb-15 20:49:07

Hi Sugar I'm not much help as its all new to me but didn't want to leave you unanswered.
I had ET today with 2 embryos put back. They weren't as good as we'd hoped (one 6 cell and one 4 cell) so we are praying now that th e y continue to divide.

There's a group of us on another thread which I've found a great support.

Sending you positive vibes for Saturday.

makingdoo Thu 05-Feb-15 20:50:08

This thread -

makingdoo Thu 05-Feb-15 20:50:45


warriorbot Fri 06-Feb-15 18:53:02

Come join us, Sugar - I'm waiting to find out if any of the four cleavage-stage embryos make it to blastocyst stage tomorrow. I know what it's like, playing out the "how many will make it through the night?" scenarios.

We're keeping each other sane (I think - we've now started talking about houses on wheels, though. I blame Badger.) And we're very proud of makingdoo - our first ET graduate!

warriorbot Fri 06-Feb-15 19:02:33

And in answer to your question: bear in mind this study is frakkin ancient (they're talking about transferring an average of 5 embies - that's the year 2000 for you!) but they measured success rates with blastocysts of grades 3 and 4, so grade 2 is definitely in with a good chance!

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