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So depressed because no bfp

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Inaiya89 Wed 04-Feb-15 12:58:05

Hello ladies. I am 25 years old and hubby and i have been teying to conceive for several months. This is my chart. I am 11 dpo and got a bfn. I am so upset. Plus my temp has been going down. Can someone please offer me feedback on my chart? Is it possible i can still be pregnant and get a bfp?

Inaiya89 Wed 04-Feb-15 18:40:47

Please, someone

lucieloos Wed 04-Feb-15 20:02:37

Hi inaiya, your chart doesn't look great to be honest, your temp has dropped for a few days now. I know how hard it is. We are on cycle 14 and still nothing but try and keep thinking positively I'm sure it will happen for you smile

Inaiya89 Wed 04-Feb-15 20:52:40

Thank you. It is really upsetting because everyone else is getting pregnant and I have failed. I feel so helpless. I never thought i would be the one to experience infertility issues.

Inaiya89 Wed 04-Feb-15 21:58:20

Omg i just came home from work and tested again and got a bfp! I broke down and started crying.

Phephenson Wed 04-Feb-15 22:58:57

Stop testing, you can't wish yourself pregnant :-(
And a big hug xx

I've wasted so much money on OPK's and tests that were always a BFP.

How many months have you been trying for?

My advice is to look at the nhs guidelines for referral to gynae in your area and when you have been trying for that amount of time then consult with your gp and insist on referral.

Do you have any symptoms of any infertility? Have you both had (sorry - very personal question) but have you had basic std tests for things like chlamydia (you can absolutely tell me to fuck off by the way, I will totally understand)

Periods, light/heavy/infrequent/too frequent - anything to comment on at all?

If you give over some/all of this info then I'm sure you will be given plenty of advice , every single person on this section has been there many times and I'm sure will offer useful advice

Phe xx

Inaiya89 Wed 04-Feb-15 23:04:56

Both my husband and I have no types of STDs. He is perfectly healthy and I am too. Well almost, I have PCOS. I got put on clomid back in september. First two months i did not ovulate. The gyn doubled my dosage and the third month I did ovulate but no pregnancy. This is the 4th month and i got preseed. Hubby and i only did our thing the day of ovulation and the day after. He is a dentist and has a hectic work schedule. But i did get ny BFP this evening after i came home from work. I am hoping hubby gets done with his patients soon so I can surprise him. flowers

Phephenson Wed 04-Feb-15 23:19:41

I should have said - we didn't have any std history and I have endo cleared but all necessary bits apparently working. My endo went undiagnosed for 18 years of being fobbed off with NSAIDs before they eventually had a looksy and took as much out as they could in the 90 mins they had allowed.

If you think there is something wrong then hang onto it like a dog with a bone, don't be fobbed off like I was. I'm 35 so my clock is well and truly ticking, I know it isn't much of a consolation but at least you have time on your side so try and relax


Inaiya89 Wed 04-Feb-15 23:21:49

Yeah. I am 25 and my husband is 27. I want 3 babies. So far i have one growing in the womb and i am so so thankful for that.

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