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has anyone successfully conceived with ivf/icsi

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poppop85 Wed 28-Jan-15 12:50:39

Hi there everyone, I'm 29 and my husband is 34. We've been ttc for almost 3 years and 2 years ago found out that OH has an extremely low sperm count and low motility. We are going to be receiving ivf very shortly but wanted to know if anyone else has been in the same situation...
Also any tips on making the ivf a success would be greatly appreciated.

naty1 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:20:20

Im pg with dc2 after icsi for count under 0.5mill.
Ive done
Icsi 1. Bfp -dc1 2011
Icsi 2 bfn 2014
Icsi3 cancelled low response
Icsi 4 2014 bfp dc2?
The dufficulty for us was my pcos as they were concerned about hyperstimulation and so triggered me too early leaving few good eggs.
My dsis has had 2 icsi and 2 dc, and she is older.
As with natural pg a lot is luck, how good your egg quality is, and sperm, how many eggs are collected and mature and then fertilise.
You most likely have a good chance due to your age. Though i think generally success is only about 1/3 per cycle.
A lot of people seem to take vitamins, but its unclear if this helps. Having a healthy bmi is important.
Good luck

lildottie Wed 28-Jan-15 14:02:42

Im in the middle of my first IVF cylce. We were scheduled to have ICSI as DH had low motility and low morphology (but great count).

We had egg collection (EC) yesterday and DH's specimen was in normal range so we had option between ICSI, IVF or splitting. We had 11 eggs so did 6 ICSI, of which we now have 4 embryos (one egg was abnormal, the other didn't take) and did 5 as IVF, of which we now have 3 embryo's (one egg was immature and had no hope).

Dh has done the following since we first saw consultant mid july 14

taken 1000mg of vitamin c per day on advice of consultant - it has been proven to improve sperm due to the antioxidant properties reducing free radicals. he said this stops the bad sperm holding back the good sperm. He also suggested zinc and selenium but no evidence in humans, just bulls.

Cut out all caffeine other than the odd cup of caffieinated coffee now and then.

Lost weight to bring his BMI back into normal range. He was only slightly above the magic 25 before but has got it down to 23.7 in the last few months.

He has worn loose fitting trousers as often as possible, and even taken to sitting around in just boxers in the evenings to keep everything cool.

He has also taken fertilaid but these are very expensive so he mainly did this in the 3 months leading to our EC.

We have also both been doing high protein low GI diet for about 4 months as there have been studies suggesting women with at least 45% protein and less than 25% carbs in their diet have better success rates. Protein is the building blocks of life so they say so I'm sure dh doing this with me has made a difference.

I should add that there have been no issues with my fertility tests. The word perfect has been used quite a lot!! Im 29 and dh is 32. we were ttc 2 years before i went on the pill in November for our IVF cycle.

Oh and I've been doing acupuncture since November. Again some studies show this may improve chances of a successful ivf outcome. other studies show no difference. comes under the might help can't hurt category like the zinc and selenium.

there are so many theories on how to make it work but at the end of the day whilst you can do as much as you can, you can't guarantee a result. I have tried to follow the things we chose to implement but when I've been a bit bad on the diet i haven't beat myself up about it. stress is definitely not going to help me, and the chances a chocolate bar here and there will stop my ivf working are very slim! I've also bought the zita west ivf cd to help me relax and prepare my body for the ivf procedures and pregnancy.

I would also add, re OHSS, my clinic are concerned about this with me as i had about 20 eggs (many were too small for collection) and have told me to drink 2 "build up" drinks a day. these are protein milkshakes. Apparently the follicles leak protein so they up your intake to replace it. so the high protein diet must be a good idea imo.

Good luck!

CiderwithBuda Wed 28-Jan-15 14:05:17

Yes - DS is now 13.

Tried again but it didn't work - I was 41 by then though and went through menopause a couple of years later.

DuelingFanjo Wed 28-Jan-15 14:38:07

Hi there

I succeeded with IVF but not for low sperm motility.

Things I did:

upped Protein
Drank organic full fat milk
Drank wheatgrass drinks
gave up drinking

lildottie Wed 28-Jan-15 17:47:24

oh yes i've been drinking full fat milk too, forgot that!

Sugarplummy84 Wed 28-Jan-15 17:56:31

We have a happy, healthy one year old icsi baby for low sperm parameters. Know how you feel but also know you should keep positive ;) Masses of luck x

poppop85 Wed 28-Jan-15 21:36:43

Thank you for replying! I have a question for natty 1- what does a sperm count of under 0.5 mill mean. I'm only asking as I think it may be relevant in my case. Xx

naty1 Wed 28-Jan-15 22:53:19

Half a million i think it was, i think that may be per ml.
It was so low they couldnt analyse anthing, motility etc. despite vitamins it didnt improve- though this may vary i guess depending on the cause.
The only thing dp didnt do was lose weight and remained bmi 30 throughout all treatments
They tested for cystic fibrosis gene which can cause a gap in the sperm tubes - which was negative so they didnt need to test me. And maybe another 1 or 2 genetic things for him again clear.
They kept trying to freeze a backup sample maybe 4 tries but we had like 2 vials which is very little.
Never needed to use them though as despite pcos i never produced over 13 eggs and his sample on the day was always ok (or should i say as bad as usual but no worse)

Op they really need very few for icsi, i dont think motilty etc will matter, only the dna quality in the sperm. And sperm are less important than 'young' or good quality eggs.

Its worth trying the vitamins for both of you, it could help.

GlitterKandinsky Wed 28-Jan-15 23:02:11

I have a 1 year old conceived by IMSI. We had 2 previous ICSI cycles, one BFN and one cancelled. I was 37 when I finally got pregnant.

DH had low morphology, motility and count. I can't remember the exact figures but they were pretty low.

I didn't do anything else apart from the IVF treatment. I gave up alcohol once I started downregging and took folic acid obviously.

GlitterKandinsky Wed 28-Jan-15 23:11:03

Oh forgot to add DH did loads to try and improve his sperm quality. He gave up alcohol completely, took zinc and a few other vits, only had showers no baths, and increased his exercise.

He already had a healthy weight and good diet.

He was also given a 6 month course of tamoxifen by andrologist which is meant to affect hormones and increase sperm count.

DHs sperm quality did improve but not enough and I still didn't get pregnant. We tried for 3 years before we started ICSI, DH's problem was diagnosed after TTC for a year.

GlitterKandinsky Wed 28-Jan-15 23:17:25

Oh and bizarrely we already had a DD who was conceived with no problems at all (first month!). We started TTC no 2 when she was 1.

No one can explain why I got pregnant so easily 1st time considering DHs problems, except to perhaps it was pure luck or maybe his sperm quality changed massively in the 2 years following DC1's conception!

naty1 Thu 29-Jan-15 10:58:45

Maybe it was sleep deprivation - as tiredness messes with hormones.

BadgerFace Sat 31-Jan-15 18:35:29

DH had low volume when we did IVF 3 years ago. Good diet, q10 and fertility supplements, no caffeine and giving up alcohol for 3 months prior to our IVF cycle meant we ended up not needing ICSI which we were forecast for. His volume went from 7 ppm to 32 ppm on the day of egg collection (WHO average was 20 ppm at that time). We have 2 year old DD from that cycle and have just started a frozen cycle this week with the left over embryos.

I did acupuncture and gave up alcohol as well as taking supplements.

Difficult to know what makes the difference but we believe it was cutting out alcohol in our case (but we'd been fairly heavy social drinkers before IVF so it might have affected us more than others).

Good luck with your journey. Mumsnet was/is an invaluable support to me on the IVF crazy train.

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