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Birmingham women's hospital

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chundercatsarego Mon 26-Jan-15 13:18:51

Anyone else been referred here or had any experience with them? DH first SA at GP was so poor we got referred straight away, he has another test at BWH on the 18th Feb, then we have an appt to discuss options on 2/3. Don't know if I should be grin or sad . Feeling very all over the place at the moment. Just cried at the appointments team on the phone as GP told me we were being referred as a couple re DH's SA results and I was being referred separately for and hcg (?) and they told me I have to wait til after his second SA for any appt for me sad <need to get a grip> lovely lady then called me back k with follow up appt date 10 minutes later as she could hear I was upset. Feel a right Wally.

chundercatsarego Tue 27-Jan-15 13:05:05


scienceteachergeek Tue 27-Jan-15 16:14:20


I haven't had experience with BWH but I live in Dudley and under their NHS trust. An HSG checks your tubes to see if you have any blockages.

Have you had all the standard fertility blood tests done? Don't worry about a dodgy result from just one SA. My husband had a lower than usual number of 'normal' looking sperm. Then the repeat test everything was perfect, including having the largest concentration of sperm per ml than the doc had ever seen before!

I'd advise taking some pain relief before you have the HSG! I had mine last week xxx

chundercatsarego Tue 27-Jan-15 16:27:38

Hi scienceteacher thanks for the info, I've heard the hsg can be pretty uncomfortable. We asked the GP about whether or not the first SA could have been a fluke-she just looked at us a bit pitifully and said that given the results- the lowest she'd ever seen- it was highly unlikely sad . What are the next steps for you? Good luck!

chundercatsarego Tue 27-Jan-15 16:28:12

Oh, and yes, I've had my blood tests done, all normal.

scienceteachergeek Thu 29-Jan-15 22:48:07

Sorry to hear that. We have the opposite problem. I'm not ovulating. Been off the pill since June 2013 but only started trying June 2014. I wanted to try and come off my antidepressants after 15yrs before we started trying. My consultant said that he wants to prescribe me clomid but needed to have a transvaginal scan, another SA and HSG first. We've done all that and are waiting for my next appointment to get the drug.

Just struggling with my emotions now! They're giving me 6months of clomid and I'm already panicking about it not working.

Does he make any sperm?

tigerdog Sun 08-Feb-15 06:24:13

I'm being treated at BWH - unexplained infertility and starting ivf soon. They've been fine although long waits sometimes. HSG is ok, I had mine there and the staff were lovely. It was uncomfortable but not too bad, with period pain type aches afterwards - take decent pain killers beforehand. Have you asked for a copy of your husbands SA results so you can look at the detail? It can help to see for yourself to understand the scale of the problem. Your GP will print you a copy if you ask (may charge 50p or something). Get him on vitamins and off/cutting down on booze and caffiene in the meantime. The difference for my OH in between two tests was quite significant - his resuls went from slightly below average to excellent. Of course that won't solve problems that are more serious but it might help to feel like you're doing something. Good luck.

Jo09jo Sat 18-Jun-16 20:32:40

Hi being refered by doc once ive had bloods and hubby had sperm test done just wondered how long a wait for appt to come through and what to expect once refered having checks as havnt conceived following tubal preg and removal two yrs ago thanks in advance for ajy feedback xx

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