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Cysts in uterus

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DennyDifferent Mon 19-Jan-15 16:04:52


I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago. I was getting a mixture of BFPs and BFNs and went for what I thought could be a 7 week scan. There was no pregnancy, what they did find was lots of cysts in my uterus, the largest measuring 5mm, and both ovaries were enlarged. I followed this up with the GP who sent me for blood tests, I was seen by a gynecologist who confirmed PCOS. I asked him why I had cysts in my uterus and he said, "Why not." hmm Which I didn't find massively helpful to be honest.

Are uterine cysts a symptom of PCOS, I'm struggling to find info on uterine cysts on line, its all about ovarian cysts, which I have too judging from the size of them there ovaries, but not much out there on Uterine cysts. Anything I do find is about Endometriosis.

Could they be a symptom of Endo? Is it a lesser reported symptom of PCOS? How can I get rid of them? I am very overweight, so I'm guessing loosing weight will help but is it a magic bullet?

Thanks for reading.

TapDancingPimp Mon 19-Jan-15 21:13:32

Hi, I have cysts in my uterus and pouch of Douglas, currently being investigated for endo so I would assume they are related?

I have read about a low-estrogen diet helping to shrink cysts but not sure if this works for everyone (have a Google for endometriosis diet).

DennyDifferent Mon 19-Jan-15 21:31:06

thank you. is PCOS also being investigated, if you don't mind me asking.

TapDancingPimp Tue 20-Jan-15 13:47:44

Not that I'm aware of. I've been scanned internally 4 times now and had numerous blood tests's never been mentoned as a possibilty (I'd like to think they might have hinted towards it by now?). Who knows.

My periods are pretty regular, would I be right in saying PCOS periods are irregular/scant?

naty1 Tue 20-Jan-15 16:31:04

I have pcos no cysts, in uterus. Just ovaries. Not really heard of this except fibroids.
The weight loss could well help pcos, especially if period have become more irregular with the weight gain. (Though you can have lean pcos).
If you are ttc, then for some treatments bmi needs to be under 30 in some pcts, but also ivf is more successful.

DennyDifferent Tue 20-Jan-15 19:20:09

TapDancingPimp I asked because I wondered if cysts in the uterus might be an overlapping symptom and how practitioners decided which route to go down, PCOS or Endo... no mention of Endo was made to me by the Gynae...

My periods are very irregular, maybe 5 a year? and they have become less frequent as I have gained weight.

naty1 Thanks for that. Looking at the Insulin Resistance diet with a view to seriously work at getting my BMI down.

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