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bessie84 Mon 19-Jan-15 14:13:09

doing iui

Is anyone else using clearblue dual hormones ovulation tests or the fertility monitor whilst on gonal-f ?

CAN gonal-f mess up the results?

i asked consultants secretary about this n she says gonal-f will mess up results and not to rely on it.

anyone else agree? ive seen a few peeps on here before, using ovulation sticks to determine insemination days.

we are having scans to monitor, just wondering your views on the gonal-f - opk situation.


naty1 Mon 19-Jan-15 15:40:35

Gonal f is fsh only so not what ov stick usually measure -fsh.
But im confused- wont they use a trigger shot anyway.
I think your estrogen will still rise due to the gonal f if the monotor measures that too.
The ultrasound would i expect be pretty accurate

bessie84 Mon 19-Jan-15 17:07:15

yeah they use trigger shot. but last cycle im sure we missed ovulation. just a niggly feeling. at the time of insemination i mentioned my feelings, but they brushed it off. my LP is normally 14-18 days, i started bleeding 9/10 days after insemination. maybe me over anylising everything, so wanted to use monitor to out my mind at ease, til secetary said that it wont be accurate.

bessie84 Mon 19-Jan-15 17:08:12

ps: im sure ultrasound would be accurate too but they leave a few days between each one. on the last cycle, my last scan was 4 days before insemination, suring that time i think i ov'd on my own

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