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Success with Long Protocol?

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Ficidy Wed 14-Jan-15 16:41:36

We are just about to embark on our 4th cycle (our second one was successful and gave us our beautiful little boy). On each of the other cycles, I did the short protocol, but now my doctor thinks that we should try the long one. I'm 38 and my amh is 15. I'm so nervous about this because I'm worried that I won't respond as well to the stimulation this time and my husband has absolutely put his foot down - there won't be any more cycles after this. So, for me, it really has to work. I'm looking for stories from people similar to myself who ended up having a good response to the long protocol. Thanks.

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 14-Jan-15 16:53:42

Why were the other cycles unsuccessful? Did they produce embryo's?

What are the reasons your consultant gave you?

I only did short I'm afraid and don't know anything about the long protocol, but I think those answers may help other answer your question.

Ficidy Thu 15-Jan-15 21:05:25

Thanks allchatnicknamesgone, my first was unsuccessful, as was my third. We got to blast on our second and third cycles, but I think that since my third cycle failed (our only successful one was our second one) my doctor thought we should try the long protocol for a change. I guess I'm just nervous about this because it's so new.

allchatnicknamesgone Fri 16-Jan-15 10:13:01

Hi - But did you produce egg's/embryos in your 1st and 3rd cycle?
Is he changing it to produce more mature eggs or something? Does he consider you don't respond well to the long cycle?

Hope someone else more knowledgeable comes soon…..

naty1 Sat 17-Jan-15 10:11:29

I did lp every time due to pcos.
Ive done 4 stims, 3 EC and pg on 1 and 3. Only ever had a couple of embryos, probably i think bevause they triggered me too soon due to pcos.
I assume though you got to blast twice you only had 1/2 blasts?
We had
1 10 eggs collected 7 mature. 1-2 fertilised and 1 ab grade put back - bfp
2. 9 eggs, 4 mature sad 2 fertilised 1 8 cell b grade and a bc grade
3 13 collected 12 mature 5 fertilised 2 embryos a 10 cell ab and 8 cell ab - bfp

I think lp supresses the ovaries more

Ficidy Sat 17-Jan-15 12:00:09

Thanks allchatnicknamesgone and naty1, I feel sick now that this cycle isn't going to be successful. On our first cycle, they got 9 eggs, only 4 were mature and fertilised and we were left with 2 embryos on Day 3. BFN. On our second cycle, we got 16 eggs, 9 were mature and all fertilised. We got to Day 5 with 2 blasts and nothing left to freeze. On our last cycle last July, we only got 8 eggs, 5 were mature and 4 fertilised (I suspect they triggered me too soon). I think that the doctor has reviewed my AMH and now thinks that it might be worth a shot to try the long protocol. I am not so sure, but I'm afraid that if we do short protocol again that it'll end up like last summer's disastrous cycle, so I have to give the LP a shot. AF due in the next few days, so it's too late to organise SP now anyway.

naty, do you have 2 children from those two BFPs? We have an amazing son from our second cycle, but I just want to give him a sibling so much.

naty1 Sat 17-Jan-15 15:42:59

Not yet - 1 and 15w with DC2.
Was it just 1 blast With the 3rd cycle?
It sounds like you have had a good chance each time. As only 50% embryos usually make it to blast then depending on age up to 60% implant.
The reason i think my 2nd one failed was early trigger- the largest follicle was about 18 and only 4 were above 15mm-> so only 4 mature, for me it seems the best ones probably came from 20mm follicles. It was a bit annoying as i wanted to keep on stimming to get more than the 9 as id had 10 with 1 fertilise

naty1 Sat 17-Jan-15 15:45:18

As you cant change now its best to think - its mostly luck, the protocol etc and meds probably make little difference otherwise it would be clear which ones to use.

Ficidy Sun 18-Jan-15 20:14:01

That's lovely that you'll soon have 2 children!! Very exciting for you. That's odd that they triggered you when your largest was 18. Did you have no bigger ones than that? On my last cycle, they made me trigger when I had a few between 18 and 22.

We had two blasts on the last cycle, but no implantation :-(

naty1 Sun 18-Jan-15 21:19:34

Yeah it was about 9 between 18-15mm. But of course a lot of 15 are immature. I was quite annoyed with the nurse as i wanted to carry on.
Though on the last cycle i had to coast as the estrogen was very high.
I think 22mm largest sounds just right.
2 blasts to put back is a good result - my clinic only seem to put 1 back as success per blast is up to 60%- depending on age.
Sounds like you have a good chance.

thaliablogs Sun 18-Jan-15 21:34:58

Without knowing all the details, I'd try not to worry. They used to always do LP, and SP was saved for those who didn't respond -- it was a protocol of last resort. Wasn't available to early IVF patients as the right antagonist drugs weren't available. So most docs are pretty familiar with LP and, assuming they have been practicing 10 years or so, possibly more comfortable with it. It was only while I was getting pregnant with my son, on our 7th cycle, 6 years ago, that my then clinic swtiched over to the SP as standard. At the time their results on both protocols were the same.

If you're feeling worried, which I can totally understand, suggest you really probe the docs on why they are changing. They need to give you some science, not just 'let's give it a try,' esp since it's make or break for you.

FWIW I eventually got my two children - took 7 cycles to do it but we got there.

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