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IVF Timetable

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Swimminggirl Mon 12-Jan-15 11:08:24

Hi There,

Were wanting to book a weekend away before we start IVF , but im not sure of all the timescales and I don�t want to be away from home whilst im injecting. We have a nurses appointment at the end of the month where im sure she will go through the timetable with us, but I�m just eager to book something up so we have something to look forward to.

I have taken the below from a flowchart the hospital gave me � but I think I have interpreted it wrong as it doesn�t make sense to me to insert embryo in Week 4!
Week 1 � Pill
Week 2 � Pill
Week 3 � Pill
Week 4 � gnrh injection
Week 1 - gnrh injection & FSH
Week 2 - gnrh injection & FSH
Week 3 - Collection
Week 4 � Insertion

Can you help?

allchatnicknamesgone Mon 12-Jan-15 18:48:10

You'll have egg collection and embryo transfer between 3-5 days after that.

You are doing long protocol whereas I did short protocol, but I would say that when you start doing injections you will probably have frequent trips to clinic for bloods and scans. I literally went every other day.

Personally I found the hardest bit the 2 ww after the ET, so I would have loved a break then to while away the time.

Good luck and I'm sure your clinic will be able to advise you more if needed.

Swimminggirl Wed 21-Jan-15 16:15:45


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