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any reason not to book a holiday for early summer 2015 while TTC with difficulty?!

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inconceivableme Mon 22-Dec-14 08:49:32

We have a 2 year old from ivf and recently had a frozen embryo cycle which resulted in a BFP then a miscarriage at almost 7 weeks.
We want to try naturally for a few months - infertility is unexplained so worth a try? - but also want to book a holiday abroad (4 hour flight) for May next year. Was all excited about booking it then DH raised the possibility that by then I could be anywhere from 1-5 months pregnant (wishful thinking?!) and would it be a good idea to fly then....? Thoughts please?

Had problem free pregnancy with DS but had spotting from embryo transfer day on the frozen cycle that ended in miscarriage.

inconceivableme Mon 22-Dec-14 19:09:15


butterflycats Tue 23-Dec-14 06:36:44

We had the same discussion in July, wondering whether we should book for march... I'm still not pregnant, so glad we did book, and insurance companies will cover anyway x

inconceivableme Tue 23-Dec-14 10:04:24

Thanks butterfly. Did you buy insurance at same time you booked your holiday? Am thinking this will be best in case I do get pregnant and in case of any early pregnancy complications. Lots of 'ifs' there!

Hope you achieve your dream very soon.

Rumplestrumpet Tue 23-Dec-14 11:01:09

I have, like you, already spent a considerable amount of time trying to plan my life around a pregnancy that doesn't turn up, so it's a familiar question! My tactic has always been to plan cool things and then, if you can't do it because you're pregnant, well, you won't exactly be disappointed, will you? So for example we booked a holiday to Asia that would include scuba diving while have trouble TTC. I figured that the scuba diving would be a great boost for us both if we still weren't pregnant, but I'd also be happy enough lying by the pool rubbing my tummy if it did work out.

In your case I'd suggest booking a fun holiday with plenty of options if you are pregnant, but also fun stuff to do if you're not. So sitting around in the alps pregnant with neither ski nor apres ski while everyone is on the slopes is probably not much fun, but most holidays can be adapted to the circumstances. Unless you're considering somewhere particularly dangerous or remote, I don't see why you couldn't do it in the first or second trimester. I would probably avoid somewhere you would have serious trouble with the food (thinking Delhi belly), but otherwise I think the world is your oyster. (oh, how I wish I could eat oysters right now!!!)

Bon voyage!

victoria401 Wed 24-Dec-14 09:02:20

Having the same problem hun... I've put so much on hold whilst ttc and missed out on many days out and weekenders with friends that were planned too far in advance when I 'might' be too pregnant to go!

Been invited on a villa hol with bro in law et al. next May and we start fertility treatment in Jan. We went on a villa hol with the same group 2 years ago which I booked tentatively thinking I might be preg by then, before we knew about our infertility!

As well as potentially flying pregnant I'm worried about the money too. Do I blow the £800 on the holiday which might be needed for nursery things, pram etc if treatment works? But if it doesn't I don't want any regrets. I've too many of those already.

Over 18 months ago I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity for specialist training in work. I was so worried about taking it in case I got preg and couldn't complete it. But it was as if I already knew we would have trouble and I took it. I've now been happily qualified a year :-) so so glad :-)

I digress... Shall we book our May holidays? No regrets?!

cooperG Fri 26-Dec-14 17:29:29

Book those holidays ladies! If you end up getting pg and feeling a bit ill on the flights just remember how much you wanted to be pregnant, sure you won't mind! (Hi vic!)

CrazyBaubles Fri 26-Dec-14 22:42:30

Funnily enough, me and DH had this exact conversation just before Christmas. We've been ttc for 18 months and wanted to go away in June. I was reluctant incase I'm pregnant by then (we start fertility treatment in January) but DH has pointed out that as may as well have things to look forward to - and I can still go if I am pregnany, it'll just be a bit different. So we booked it.

When I started a thread about fertility issues, I was advised by several posters to book things to look forward to. I've taken the advice and its def helping smile

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