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PCOS - why have I been prescribed Cyclogest?

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bryderus2015 Sun 21-Dec-14 22:16:20

Long time lurker, first post. Please be kind! Posted on ttc and infertility boards in the hope of a reply.
Came off pill in January and have had stupidly long cycles ever since (last one 95 days!). TTC so have been charting temps since June and using OPKs and know I have ovulated every cycle, albeit after a very long delay (last cycle ovulation was cd 80). Have 15/16 day luteal phase from temperature rise so that seems ok. Hospital doc suspects PCOS and has requested day 1 and 21 bloods, referred for scan and prescribed 400mg cyclogest (progesterone) from day 14 to day 26 for 3 months. I am confused why I've been prescribed it - does anyone have experience of this?
1.Do the day 14 and 26 rules apply even though I know I won't have ovulated by then? Or do I ignore the days and take after ovulation (whenever that might be!) I would assume the cyclogest at day 14 will prevent ovulation so that will knock out ttc this month if I take as prescribed.
2. Why test bloods on day 21? I know it will show I haven't ovulated. Thought they had to be done 7 days before period due, but I don't know when that would be.
3. Do I keep charting my temperature? I guess I wouldn't need to be looking for ovulation if the cyclogest is going to stop it.
4. Do I expect a period after day 26?
I've googled everything I can think of and cannot find much, only progesterone in early pregnancy which is not helpful!
I'm so grateful to any lovely ladies on here who might be able to put me out of my misery and give me some advice!

Ilikesweetpeas Sun 21-Dec-14 22:28:34

Bumping for you, I don't have any specific advice about cyclogest in this situation, I had it following IVF embryo transfer. However I can sympathise with the very long cycles -I had these too and found them very depressing when TTC. Hopefully now that you are seeing someone at the hospital things will move on for you - at least you are now in the system to get help with conception. When do you have a follow up, could you make a list of questions to take with you? I know this is a difficult time of year when you want to be pregnant. I had unexplained infertility but have a DD following IVF. Hope things go well for you flowers

bryderus2015 Sun 21-Dec-14 22:38:50

Thanks so much for the reply. Congrats on your DD. Its lovely to hear stories of people having success and I know there are such brave ladies on here facing such difficult situations. We're quite early on in the big scheme of things. This ttc thing is so stressful though. shock

naty1 Tue 23-Dec-14 21:02:59

You probably need to clarify what they are trying to achieve.
I think if you take prog for 2 wks after day 14 stopping might induce a bleed?
Though agree with you if you had say my cycle length of 35 days and ov on day 23 you would wait till after ov to try to make the correct luteal phase.
But then you think you have that already.
Sonetimes to refer it seems like they need to proove you arent ovulating.
I think metformin to shorten cycle and then progesterone (if needed) as most centres dont use prog like this. I can only see it helping if you have short lp.
Do you have a high bmi?
Surely an internal scan and day 3 fsh /lh tests and testosterone would prove better then the day '21' test which with pcos is so hard to get right.
If you are right and you ovulate then the main fertility issue is that you can only try every 95 days.
I dont think NICE states prog etc but i may not remember.

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