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Infertility Rollercoaster - just got on the ride

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BexWex Thu 18-Dec-14 10:35:11

So, I've just had my first appointment with my doctor to discuss our fertility issues and it went so much better than I was expecting. I was expecting to be told that they couldn't do anything until I had lost a bit more weight (80kg as of right now) and to not really be taken seriously because of my age (23) but my doctor was lovely. So supportive and seemed like she genuinely wanted to help!

I got my STI test today, got the whole process explained to me and was booked in for to get my Progesterone levels checked on Monday when she will also see my partner and explain his part in all of this.

I was really worried about how they would test my progesterone levels as my cycle is only 20 days long but they do it 7 days before AF is due so that was a massive worry off of my shoulders.

Now to just wait and see where this ride takes us.

naty1 Thu 18-Dec-14 16:01:43

You must ovulate really early or have a very short luteal phase with 20 day cycles. Surely thats an issue in itself?
You may find the bmi -no idea what 80kg is- comes into play more the further you get so say to get clomid/iui/ivf.
Criteria was bmi under 30 but highest success at ivf was 20-25.
The prog is also about 7 days after ovulation.
I dont think age is a criteria but in some areas time together is like 2 (or was it 3) years for ivf.
The pcts have eligibilty criteria online.
How long have you been trying?
Have you tried ovulation sticks?

naty1 Thu 18-Dec-14 16:31:44

Just read your other thread. I think such irregular cycles it will be very difficult to catch the right time.
If youve lost a lot of weight i wonder if it could be affecting cycles.
As attilla said day 3 test would be useful to identify what the issue is.
And possibly a thyroid test.

BexWex Thu 18-Dec-14 17:06:56

my cycle right now is fairly regular, 20 days so thankfully can time the Progesterone test fairly well.

The LH etc tests are only really done for those with cycles >36 days and those over 37 years old. I am neither so my doctor isn't doing those.

We have been TTC for over 2 years and yes I am losing weight, slowly but surely - 2 stone down, 3 to go

naty1 Thu 18-Dec-14 18:21:34

The age is not correct. People can be diagnosed with pcos at any age and the fsh/lh would be needed for that. (I was 30)
I can see fsh as a standalone would, hopefully be unnecessary as you should have good ovarian reserve.
But i dont think its a 100% guarantee one poster is im sure in premature menopause at under 30.
Have a look at pcos see if it fits any of your symptoms.
There are several things that can affect periods
Thyroid issues

Though i think pcos seems to cause more long rather than short cycles.
Excess hair
Weight gain
Fsh 1:2 lh. So lh twice fsh on day 3.
High testosterone
Cysts on ovaries

I dont think i claimed cycles that long either just varying about 10 days so 25-35.

I agree with Attilla gps are not specialists in fertility.

I'll have a look at what tests NICE recommend.

Certainly no harm in doing prog tests, you could be ovulating fine.

naty1 Thu 18-Dec-14 18:42:29

Nice relates the fsh :lh test to irregular cycles only. So i guess if you are now able to predict 20day cycles they may not offer it to you.
Hopefully they will investigate further if as you suspect you are not ovulating, but as above they often find the things lists to blame.
About 10% of women have pcos.

BexWex Thu 18-Dec-14 19:04:11

My cycles are predictable just now but they do change very regularly so I'll be surprised if they stay at 20 days long for any longer than a few months.

The age for the LH tests I got from the print out of the tests the docs are required to do before referral

I'll be getting tested for more, its just the progesterone test to start with

naty1 Thu 18-Dec-14 22:05:43

I guess each pct will have different criteria. And most dont follow nice but its interesting to see what they should ideally be doing.
Good luck with progesterone test.

I was lucky my gp did both prog 21 and the day 3 tests at the same time (rather than wait for the results of 1 before ordering next, i think i did 3 prog tests. All showing no ov, and the day 3 showed lh of twice fsh so pcos.
Then we did a sperm test and were referred immediately because it was bad.
The ivf clinic then requested the thyroid, prolactin, full blood count, infectious diseases etc.
so any issues would have been spotted then. We finally met with consultant and had a scan which showed the pcos.

BexWex Thu 18-Dec-14 22:22:09

Probably are different. Are you in England? The difference may be that I am in Scotland?

OH is coming with me to the appointment on Monday to go over his stuff and to get the stuff for his sperm test, so thankfully getting the first out of the two needed out of the way before Christmas

victoria401 Fri 19-Dec-14 11:04:35

See if you can find any info here on what you're entitled to hun. I also found pdf files online with what tests I was meant to have from my GP. Good luck!

BexWex Fri 19-Dec-14 11:38:57

Thank you so much Victoria!

It is such a minefield out there, its a stressful situation simply not being able to get pg but then they add all of this politics etc on top of it!

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