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Does your fertility clinic always run late with appts?

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inconceivableme Wed 17-Dec-14 16:28:56

Mine does and it really annoys me, especially when we're paying lots for our treatment as we're no longer NHS funded. And parking is expensive and difficult there too! Grrrr!!!

Madamecastafiore Wed 17-Dec-14 16:32:44

Private hospitals generally do as Drs are less likely to usher you out of the door when you are paying for their services regardless of how late they are running.

Next time a woman outs on here that she had a question to ask her fertility Dr but was ushered out think what your reply would be?

The other women in the waiting room would know how fraught her situation and so would be patient and understanding or they would be sitting there looking at their watches moaning about their Dr running late?

Disastronaut Wed 17-Dec-14 16:38:31

YES! I've started setting aside 2 hours for each appointment, of which about 15 mins involves actually being seen. And it costs a fortune. They're very good though smile

OddBoots Wed 17-Dec-14 16:44:16

Yup. We went to a Harley Street clinic and my friend got rather cross with them as they were always late and she hated the thought of them keeping me waiting around (I was their surrogate).

I agree with madam though, it comes with the territory, we probably held up other patients when we had an unexpected complication and had to be rushed for an extra scan - I'm glad they let us go in though as the resulting change in meds saved our cycle.

victoria401 Thu 18-Dec-14 15:21:51

Sorry to hear your plight. At my clinic we've always been seen early or on time! There has always been either none or one other couple in the waiting room. However the service we've had hadn't been amazing. All the appointments have felt rushed and the doc we saw was very negative about success rates.

The worst one was last week we had our planning appointment and the nurse was really quickly explaining things, it was like they talk in auction houses! She had demo needles which she demo'd at the speed of light, handed it to me and I did it wrong and didn't get a 2nd go! I'm gonna have to ask for a 2nd demo when we go back in Jan when my period starts...

naty1 Thu 18-Dec-14 16:13:14

Yes consultants always late. But nurses mostly on time.
Agree parking was the main issue towards end of treatment.
They have none of their own, multi-storey packed. How are you supposed to be on time. Must be having knock on effect when patients are late.
Maybe a little more time per £200 consult.
Really though its all pw signing.
Then then telling you why xyz cant be changed.
Even if you started spotting early last time, or only ever get 2 eggs fertilised.

My clinic never said anything about success rates in appts, as its all on website. Except to call my fail a chance fail - so no reason.
I then changed lots against advice, grew follicles to largest over 20mm and have been successful. Menopur to gonal f too.

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