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no period after a break from 2 sessions of iui

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span199 Sat 13-Dec-14 11:48:17

hi everyone, im new on here, but ive been ttc for 3yrs and 5 months now, been on nhs treatment for over a year, i finished my 2nd round of iui at the end of october, so i had a normal period at the beginning of was dead on time, but now im the first month into no treatment but still having sex when i think im ovulating! and im 7 days late, the sticks all say neg sad
I always get really sore boobs a week before i come on but this hasnt happened this time, do you think my hormones are all messed up coz of all the hormones i injected and swallowed or could it still be too early to tell? x

naty1 Sun 14-Dec-14 16:09:01

Guess you could be ovulating late.
I found my cycle after failed ivf weird. And tge bloating didnt go down for months.
Maybe a cyst ? As i hear they are commonish on injectables.
Or you could be more fertile after the treatment.

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