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Sperm test confusion, desperate for answers

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Scottie16 Thu 11-Dec-14 22:55:37

Hi all and thanks in advance for reading. I am 38, nearly 39 and ttc #1 for nearly two years. All my tests so far have come back as normal, all usual bloods and HCG dye test. My husband had a second sperm test and we've been sent the results in the post. It says "Reduced number of normal forms" and this is 3 - I think normal should be greater than 4. I know we need to talk through with DR but a quick Google search has terrified me and I wondered if anyone here would be willing to share experience with poor morphology as it seems this is the hardest thing to treat. Thank you in advance for any comments and thank you for reading x

sammylou1 Fri 12-Dec-14 06:39:48

Hi there

We're not as far along our journey as you, but dh has had SA and the first one showed low morph of 3% same as you... He had it repeated and all was normal. So it might not mean anything.
Things like being unwell a few weeks before the test can affect it.
I also made him cut down on caffeine and alcohol, and he's now on well man conception which might have made a difference - good luck. X

victoria401 Fri 12-Dec-14 12:53:08

Hello Scottie

My dh had a sa in April and had 2% normal forms. I had him on wellman vits and made him eat better and this figure increased to 5% in his 2nd sa in Aug. The doctor said she wasn't too worried as his count is high. So 2-5% of millions of sperm is actually still enough to get you preg. Was his first sa normal?

We have also been ttc #1 for 2 years and all my tests are normal. Its frustrating. Dh is having a 3rd sa in Jan before we start iui treatment to see if his recent bout of illness has had a detrimental effect on his little fellas. If it has we can't start :-( have you been offered a treatment plan yet?

Scottie16 Sat 13-Dec-14 19:44:43

Hi both, thank you so much for your replies, I feel very reassured and his count was really high so am a bit less panicked now. Victoria - we don't have a plan yet but will be cracking on early next year as I will be 39 in Jan. I think I've found a good clinic too. I feel a bit forced into IVF but don't want to miss our chance. I wonder if IUI is worth a shot first...It is so frustrating! Apparently Brazil nuts are very good for sperm so will be stocking up on those...

victoria401 Sun 14-Dec-14 09:08:21

I am not sure if iui would be for you Scottie. Have you had your AMH tested yet? When I asked the doctor about what makes us suitable for iui she said "if you were 38 with an AMH of 4 I would tell you to go straight for ivf". I'm coming up 35 by the way and my AMH is 23. That's still in the "satisfactory" category, I think the poor category starts is 19 and below and AMH drops away quite quickly approaching 40. Sorry to put a dampner on it! Iui only has a 17% sucess rate each cycle (compared to 15% for normal conception with no problems), ivf would give a better chance. We have been given 3 shots of iui on the NHS. If the first cycle doesn't work the nurse said you need 3 neg cycles before we can try again! 3 cycles will occupy most of 2015 for us. Urgh its all so crap. Good luck with it all!

Scottie16 Sun 14-Dec-14 10:40:55

Thank you, I haven't had AMH tested yet, I'm a bit scared tbh but I may have to face up to it if we're going for ivf ...good luck to you too x

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