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Medicated FET

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Frazoz Tue 09-Dec-14 09:24:05

Hello ladies

I had my EC on 28th Nov but then got OHSS and ended up in hospital so ET was cancelled and we now have 7 (3 x 3 day and 4 x 5 day) embryos in the freezer.

I didn't obviously think we would need to go down this route so it's something I don't know much about.

I will need to have a medicated FET as my periods have never been regular.

Can someone talk me through the timescales involved with medicated FET?

Did anyone have any side affects to the medication? (Worried given what I've just gone through)

Is it more injections or tablets or something else?

I'm having treatment at the Wessex Clinic (private) so not sure whether the treatment/timescales are different to NHS

Guin1 Thu 11-Dec-14 02:36:11

Hi Frazoz. I have had 3 medicated FETs. The result of the first is currently chomping his way through a bowl of grapes, the second was unsuccessful and the third is kicking my bladder and due in Feb!

I am in Australia, so I don't know how this compares to UK. I was on oestrogen tablets and 400mg progesterone pessaries for 3 months. My clinic recommended them 3 x per day, but it does vary from one clinic to another and my doses were higher than any other clinic I've heard of. I can't remember exactly how many days before FET I had to start the medications, but your clinic will let you know that. There was a 2 week 'weaning' time when I reached 12 weeks pregnant, where the doses were gradually reduced.

As for side effects, it's hard to know what was due to the meds and what was due to the pregnancy! I think the oestrogen tablets caused nausea, because that got a lot better after I was able to stop taking them. The pessaries were an inconvenience more than anything - you had to lie down for an hour after insertion to ensure proper absorption, and then you ended up with waxy white gunk in your knickers for 3 months! The other option was to insert them up the bum, which was more convenient. (Sorry if TMI!)

Your clinic may want you to use progesterone injections or gel instead of pessaries - this seems more common in UK.

Hope that helps. Ask if you have any more questions.

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