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foggywytch Fri 05-Dec-14 23:34:02

Hi everyone I'm just writing to say hello and to introduce myself before I bombard with questions lol . I have two girls 17,13. I have lost nine lil Angels . Had to go on clomid for my second daughter , the last angel was a shock as was natural conception found out same week I miscarried n tht was three years ago. I'm disabled with Fibro m.e and oa . I changed back to my old go after a few years of complete turmoil at another surgery anyways I asked was I too old to be accepted for help again and he said he would check n get back to me anyway I have appt mon but got a call today from receptionist over something different but she brought up about my rheumy appt then also mentioned I'm waiting for gynaecologist appt so I'm sitting here all night shaking thinking is this is am I going to be able to have a chance , so what I'd like to ask is there anyone here in the essex area who's forty and managed to be accepted for help . I was turned down three years ago for ivf , but did mention to this doc I had successful preg with clomid he was the one who helped me years ago . Sorry for huge ramble just a lil all over the place nxxxx

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