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Confused by results - poss PCOS

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Amummyatlast Fri 05-Dec-14 13:38:59

I've had previous successful ICSI treatment on the NHS. But we really want a second, so after a year of trying I went back to the docs, asking if there was anything they would do and to ask to be tested for PCOS (I have symptoms and my ovaries have been described as polycystic in appearance).

I knew when she ordered the blood test that it was the wrong one, but I didn't argue as it was done as a favour (kicking myself in hindsight). Instead of checking my day 3 LH and FSH levels, she had them checked them on day 21 instead, along with my progesterone.

Results have come back at 39 for progesterone, which indicates ovulation but isn't great. FSH is 2.6 and LH is 5.4, which is within normal range for the luteal phrase, but the LH is twice that of FSH.

Now if these results had come back as Day 3 results, this would indicate PCOS. But since it was done at the wrong time I'm not so sure. (My day 3 LH And FSH levels that were taken 3 years ago were 8.2 and 8.3, so the ratio was fine then). The NHS have washed their hands of me.

Is it worth going private to see if I can get a diagnosis of PCOS? Even if I did get the diagnosis, would it help at all, given that I ovulate? Would it be better to consider privately funding ICSI (which we hoped to avoid, but the desire to have another is getting strong for both of us).

naty1 Fri 05-Dec-14 20:26:04

I dont understand - how bad is the sperm, did you not need icsi?
I cant really see it helping.
If you had pcos it would have been identified during icsi.
Ie i was producing 20+ eggs on a dose of 75/150 and nearly hyperstimulating.
So they would have seen it on scans.
Also there is a high risk of mc with pcos and you sound like pg was fine.
I dont think they would need to retest for pcos as your levels were perfectly equal, as in i dont think it would suddenly appear.
Have you gained weight since DC1?
Was your fsh 8 seen as high as it might be worth seeing if that has risen further- how old are you now?
If you are ovulating but turn out to have pcos metformin might help regulate and get pg.

Which pcos symptoms do you have?

Amummyatlast Sat 06-Dec-14 08:53:49

He doesn't have bad sperm (we're unexplained) and ICSI was done because we didn't get any fertilise with IVF.

And yes, I badly overstimulate. Had 25 eggs on the first go with OHSS, and 20 eggs on the next having a lower dose of Gonal F. During scans it was noticed that my ovaries 'were polycystic in appearance'.

I've also had two m/cs through natural pregnancies (a long time ago - never got pregnant naturally since).

My FSH was not seen as high (from memory it was the top end of normal).

Symptoms are irregular periods, some facial hair, thinning hair. I am not (and never have been) overweight, but you can have PCOS and be skinny.

Thanks for your help.

naty1 Sun 07-Dec-14 12:58:50

Certainly sounds worth retesting on correct day 3.
The weight i wondered as it could 'bring on' symptoms when at a lower weight people are fine.
Your testosterone may also be high - cant remember which day they tested that.
I feel like metformin has helped and produces more EWCM.
Its usually clomid but like you im not sure if you get it if you have kids already.
I wouldnt be surprised if a private clinic pushed you towards icsi again (due to previous fert failure and not getting pg in a yr)
It may also depend on age as say you spend 6m on doing clomid before moving on.
We've spent 10k ttc DC 2 after icsi for first DC
- 2 rounds and 1 cancelled due to low response, its taken 10months and now 2 months pg.
Despite it being DC 2 as the fert clinic put me back on metformin ive had that on prescription and also the thyroxine for my thyroid

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