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Private testing for PCOS

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skiaddict Thu 04-Dec-14 16:04:06

I have a number of symptoms of PCOS but a really crap GP so I am looking at going private to be tested. Thinking one of the private scan places such as the one run by babybond, can anyone give any advice as to whether they are good or not?

The symptoms I have are:
-Excessive facial hair (although I bought a laser hair remover which killed a lot of it and am still using)
-Hair around my nipples
-Hair up the middle of my stomach (again slowly being killed by the laser hair remover)
-Agonizing periods
-Immense difficulty to lose weight

I have no idea how regular my periods are as I've only just come off the pill after 10 years on it.

Any advice much appreciated :-)


AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 05-Dec-14 16:34:36


If your GP is crap then I would change GP practice as a matter of course.

I would do your researches very carefully before choosing a clinic as some private based treatment can be poor as well as expensive. In the early stages at least you may be better off going under the NHS.

It does sound like PCOS could be present given your symptoms but I would say that PCOS does not cause periods in themselves to be agonising. A common cause of ongoing painful periods is endometriosis and I would read up on this as well and see if those symptoms resonate with you.

I would keep a pain and symptom diary as this will give the gynae clues.
Both your man and yourself should be tested in tandem.

Lauraqc Sat 27-Dec-14 09:46:25

Hi Ski just thought I'd pop in and say that altho I don't have the hair symptoms I'm on the chubby side and can't seem to lose weight. I'm having v irregular cycles after coming off bc Aug 13...I booked myself in for a private consult with the lead Dr at my local hospital for £175 and he had no qualms with diagnosing me with pcos then and there even tho my nhs scan (which was done v quickly) came back clear. I was immediately put on Metformin and now mid-struggle to lose weight for next fertility appt back on nhs in Feb. Best £175 I've spent for a long time....! Good luck!

naty1 Sat 27-Dec-14 20:24:09

Pcos is diagnosed by scan and blood tests.
I would be concerned about diagnosis by scan alone as its possible to have cysts without pcos.
So day 3 fsh and lh blood tests. To compare as kh is double with pcos. Then also testosterone which would be raised.
Were periods irregular before the pill.?
I think the pill often makes symptoms of pcos better.
But you could be wasting your money as at the moment you dont know how regular you will be, and fertility could be fine.
I agree with PP i dont hear about people saying periods are painful with pcos (as i think due to low prog, lack of ovulation they are often like a breakthrough bleed.
I think excess weight (with or without pcos) can affect ovulation, so it could be worth looking at that. Especially as if you have pcos and say need clomid it could be dependent on being under bmi say 30. (Probably irrelevant but just thought i'd say in case)

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