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Did you get an LH surge after your IVF trigger shot?

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Shellster52 Thu 04-Dec-14 12:00:44

My 2nd last IVF cycle I used Pregnyl trigger injection, injecting it in at 90 degrees just like all the stim injections. 5 eggs but sadly no embryos to transfer. Then last IVF, with hubby away, I carefully read the Pregnyl instructions myself which said to inject at 45 degree angle. I hadn't done this the last time but I followed instructions. The plunger was resisting when I tried to push it in, it hurt going in and the next day I had a hard sore lump where I had injected. Then at EC, the eggs were not mature and did not come free. Trigger had not worked. What a waste of thousands of dollars.

For current IVF cycle, got Dr's permission to inject at 90 degrees as it worked the first time this way (and is what internet sites show to do despite clinics instructions!). Did trigger last night. But again today it is sore underneath and I can feel a lump. No where near as bad as last time, but enough to make me paranoid it hasn't worked again.

It's now 24 hours since the trigger and I thought I would do an LH test to put my mind at ease. It is faintly positive. Will test again when I wake up. But not sure if the LH should surge:
- soon after trigger allowing times for eggs to halve chromosomes before EC and hence, I have missed the surge.
- 36 hours after trigger and hence it should be positive when I wake up (if I can get to sleep!) tomorrow morning right before EC

Did anyone ever test their LH after the trigger and if so, when did you surge? Or any other words of wisdom to reassure me in this regard?

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