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Does anyone have polyps AND Asherman's?

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CandieFlopz Mon 01-Dec-14 19:08:17

My GP FINALLY referred me to a gynaecologist after 3 years of ridiculously heavy and long periods; ovulation pain and red bleeding; brown bleeding for my entire luteal phase; a miscarriage; and 2.5/3 years of TTC.

During a HyCoSy (saline scan) he found multiple uterine polyps. He vaguely explained these to me after the procedure - although he seemed to dismiss them as the cause of our struggle to conceive.

I just received a copy of the letter he sent to my GP and it seems I also have a possible uterine adhesion. For some reason he decide to keep this to himself during my HyCoSy - I can't imagine why, I mean it is MY womb! Anyhow, I've been reading up on adhesions/Asherman's but I don't think my symptoms fit. I did have a D&C about 4.5 years ago, but my periods are very heavy. I thought the reverse was true with Asherman's?

Maybe the polyp/adhesion interaction is creating a big mess?

Anyone had any experience of this?

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